Can I overwinter Lantana hanging baskets?

shelli563(zone 6 MA)October 14, 2007

I have two huge Lantana hanging baskets (10-12" pots). They are the "basic" purple trailing variety. At this point, they are both lush, about 5' long and full of flowers.

The nights are starting to get cool around here which reminds me of the inevitable. These plants are so beautiful, I'd like to try to save them . Is it possible to overwinter these plants in my dark cold basement? If so, when should I bring them in? Do I cut them back? Water during the winter? I guess I need all the details!!

Thanks for any advice


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Lantana is hardy here so we don't move them, but based on having grown them for years, here's my best guess. I dont' see why you can't take them inside. I think I would dig them and pot them now in a good quality potting mix, but leave them outside. Wait until their first leaf killing frost and then take them inside. Cut them back to about 6 to 8 inches, and cut way back on their water. I would let them get dry between waterings. They go dormant in the winter anyway, so I don't think they would need much, if any, light. It's highly likely that your basement will be warm enough. They are reliably hardy into the teens, maybe hardy even to zero. Look at it this way, you have almost nothing to lose, and alot you may learn.

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shelli563(zone 6 MA)

Thank you for the advice. I was thinking of doing just that and seeing how it goes. When I do give them water, should I soak the plant or just a very little bit, just to keep it going?


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

To tell you the truth, I don't know. But it seems logical to me that it doesn't much matter as long as the soil is well drained and goes dry (not BONE dry) between waterings.

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