What annual cultivars come true from saved seed?

christinmk z5b eastern WAOctober 4, 2011

I've started a list on plant cultivars (of all kinds, perennials, annuals, shrubs etc) that come true from saved seed. I was wondering if anybody here has any information to contribute on what annual cultivars have come true from saved seed? Did they all come true or only some? What did they look like if they didn't come true or were only similar looking?

Anybody mind if I added their info to my seed database?

Thanks much!


Here is a link that might be useful: My Seed Database

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started_with_bean(Zone 5--MA)

These are all annuas I've grown from collected OP seeds the last few years:

Impatiens Walleriana/Impatiens 'Tango Xtreme Mix' comes true from saved seed in form and color intensity BUT not exact color as parent; ie, seeds from orange parent does not result in orange offspring, but another color with the same color intensity as parent.

Browallia Speciosa/Bush Violet comes true in both form and color.

Lobelia Erinus/Lobelia 'Sapphire Cascade' comes true in both form and color.

*Torenia Fournieri/Wishbone Flower 'Duchess Blue' comes true in both form and color.

Lobularia maritima/Sweet Alyssum 'Easter Bonnet Mix' comes true in form but not in color.

*Begonia tuberhybrida/Tuber Begonia comes true in form but not in color (variation).

Begonia Semperflorens/Wax Begonias comes true in form and color.

Impatiens Balsamina/Balsam Impatiens comes true in form and color.

Cosmos bipinnatus/Cosmos comes true in form but not color (variation).

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

are we side stepping the whole.. your z5 annuals are really warmer zone perennials debate ... i dont know the latin on a lot of these ...

clematic paniculata.. sweet autumn .. a perennial of course

lychis .. rose champion
johnie jump up
native violets
4 o'clocks
some of the annual poppies i have in the back.. that i have no clue their name ... though i dont know what the true color is ... red.. red w/white .. white with red.. pink ... spotted.. striped.. i think they are prostitutes with the dna sharing ... lol ...

malva .. mallow also if not just another name
phlox -- old fashioned.. not creeping
bachelor button .. corn flower.. not the perennial
some sedum
woodland poppy


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Lol, just about all of the above mentioned plants are botanical perennials, though many are used AS annuals. I think that larkspur is a true annual. Many of our most popular 'annuals' are tender herbaceous perennials, which means that in colder parts of the world, they are killed by freezing temperatures and do not return though many of them reseed. That behavior still doesn't make them annuals in the botanical sense of the word. It makes them tender perennials. ;-)

We'll see them labeled as annuals in catalogs and seed packets and on-line because that's how the vast majority of us use them.

The annuals in your data base are perennials, with the exception of the genus Linaria, in which there are true annuals and perennials. Canna, for example, is a rhizomatous plant. It's not hardy where you are, but actually quite long lived warmer temperate zones.

I'm only being a stickler on this because you seem to be taking great care in compiling your database. I know that you want it to be accurate. And you really couldn't be faulted by clumping many of these plants together because they are used AS annuals.

You should do a search on true annuals so that you can add to your list. Zinnias and marigolds qualify. If you are collecting information on other categories of plants besides those known for their flowers, there are lots of grasses and food crops that are annuals, too.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well yeah rhiz.. thats why i said setting the annual/perennial debate aside ... jeez ... lol

i just listed everything in my garden.. that seems to come back for 10 years straight .... i wasnt going to google them all ...

i see you have a tree section.. i can send a couple billion redbud seedlings if you wish .. lol ... according to flower color .. they are all the same. ..


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"Annuals" that are sold in garden centers are typically propagated in one of two ways: from seed, or vegetatively. Those that are propagated vegetatively GENERALLY don't produce viable seed. Of the cultivars propagated from seed, the F1 Hybrids are genetically impossible to produce seed that is identical to the parents. They may produce seed, but they will exhibit traits and characteristics of one or both of the hybrid parents. You may THINK that they are identical, but trust me, the person who developed the cross will be able to point out all of the differences. OP cultivars can produce "true" seed, with the understanding that there will typically be some slight variability between the progeny.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

started_with_bean had the right idea of what I was going for with my list. Thanks for the info by the way SWB! ;-)

I think most folks know that hybrids will not produce identical (genetically anyway) offspring. My list is meant more for those people out there that enjoy starting all kinds of seeds and seeing what the offspring will look like for the fun of it. Some folks are even content if they do get only similar looking plants that are not identical to the parent cultivar. I feel the same in certain cases, especially if is outrageously priced annual ($7 for a gal petunia at HD??!) and don't mind if the offspring is a shade or two darker or lighter or some other minute variation. I DID add the disclaimer to my list that just because a seed raised offspring looks similar or even identical to the parent cultivar does not mean it is genetically 'true'. And that all cultivars raised by seed should be stated as such.

Anyway, it is just for fun. I'm not trying to make a list for the nursery industry on what comes genetically true from seed. It is meant for home gardeners that like to play with seed and compare findings ;-)

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Anyone else know of annual cultivars that come true from saved seed?

How about some of the basics? Nasturtiums? I just collected some seed from my variegated 'Alaska Mix', anyone know if it will come true next year? What annual Rudbeckia cultivars come true? Sunflowers? Zinnias?
Any and all information is very much welcome ;-)

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