Where do you buy cheap plants? Name your fav sources!

ms_minnamouse(7a)February 28, 2009

I was hoping we could compile a list of stores that we know (online or not) that have really great prices on plants. Especially now with the economy, it's so nice to still be able to afford the plants that we want when they're at affordable prices.

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I don't buy if I can help it - I trade plants with other gardeners, I play slave-labor for others in exchange for plants, and I keep my eyes open when the yard sales start up - I got first-year foxgloves for a buck a piece once, because I had my little 'poaching' shovel in the car.

I've also found all sorts of stuff either on craig's list, or already on the curb - azaleas and hostas seem to get ripped out by new homeowners with frightening regularity ;)

locally, I'm spoiled - there are three or four local garden groups that do plant sales every spring, as well as a native plant group, the Audobon society (who does native plants, and plants the birds like) so it's been years since I've had to buy plants by mail.

best garden shop in Bucks County? Geerlings. hand's down.

cheapest? Fairless Hills garden center. nothing exotic, but great prices on bedding plants and smaller perennials.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I get mine mostly in big box stores in the end of the season on clearance.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

My best source is Lowes clearance table. In December, I picked up 8 flats of pansies for $5.00 total. Recently picked up a perfect Mona lavender in a hanging basket for $1.00. It had been $19.00, marked down because it quit blooming. The container alone is worth more and until it reblooms I will enjoy the beautiful foliage.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

Lowes has a lot of stuff on clearance year round. If something is blown over by the wind, chances are it goes on clearance within the week. With March winds I'm going to start checking my local store a few times a week.

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A month ago I noticed Menards had just put up their seed racks and had a sign showing the packet prices and then the price now. It was almost 50% off of the packet price. I didn't buy enough but then I have a lot of seeds already. yesterday I saw that same large rack (20' long and seeds on each side) and the sale price notices were no where to be found. Packet prices only.

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Good thread. Bump!

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lilangel181(zone 5)

This afternoon I got some '6pack' of plants at Lowes for 25 cents a piece! Needless to say several flats worth are now in my tiny little apartment garden. The employee saw me looking through the racks and told me flat out that they were beaten up in last weeks rain/wind storm but otherwise perfect. (that works out to less than a nickle per plant!!!!)

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craigslist under free and under farm and garden,late last summer at lowes got yellow raspberrys and red lake currants for like a couple dollars a piece,best ever was when i worked for a farm related retail store and was put in charge of throwing away flat after flat of weather beaten annuals and end of season rough looking perenials,moved my pickup by display filled truck bed of my ranger and me and my dad resurected about 75% of what i got put non survivors in compost pile,wow free landscaping plants.

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Mimi_Carol(35121 - AL)

Lowe's seems to do the best job of marking down their plants in our area. There are always a couple of racks that have been marked down drastically. Just this year, I have bought about 30 gerbera daisies (over several weeks) for $.50 a pot - and some pots even have 2 plants!! If the plant is a perennial and just looks poorly, it will perk up after being planted, watered and "loved".

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Walmart is the worst for markdowns. They keep a cart where they throw in bad looking plants. They wont sell them, they say they are going back to the dealer.

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I've bot a lot of inexpensive plants at yard sales and charity plant sales but some are invasive so a person has to be careful. I've bot seeds there also which were a real bargain.

Overall, I think growing both annuals and perennials from seed is the cheapest way to get a lot of plants for pennies. You'll have enough to trade with friends or your local garden club.

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For cheap plants I would definitely say Menard's in the midwest and Lowe's on the west coast. The garden centers at Menard's are getting better every year and their prices are really hard to beat. You've got to love the individually owned garden centers/nurseries, but you definitely pay more.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Like natalie4b above I do the end of season clearance sales. Watch them carefully, they may go fast.

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I got some very big veggie mark-downs at HD last spring. When people were badmouthing big box stores for selling tomato plants too early, I picked up several for about 2/3 off. I took a chance, got them in the ground early, covered them when necessary, and got a few weeks jump on the season. They were getting their earliest stock off the shelves to make room for the 'regular' stock at the 'usual' time. I'll be watching again this year to see if they do the same thing.

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Agreed, yard sales have some great plant bargains.

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santarosa.gardens . com They have a decent collection and their price is really fair.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.santarosagardens.com/Default.asp

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If you're looking to order online, greenerearthnursery.com is a good place to get shrubs and grasses at pretty good prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greener Earth Nursery

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Letsgoplanting......I know this is a bit late regarding the post, although i need to get the name out there as me and and my friend both recieved service which was BRILLIANT! The company is based in United Kingdom Somerset, called Letsgoplanting and theyu deliver to the whole of the UK and will deliver abroad for additional fees, the plants i recieved were brilliantly packed, and to a very high standard. On top of this i recieved two FREE Plants which i happily planted in my garden ready. They have fantastic plants, fantastic customer service, fantastic packaging, and they even take orders over the phone! Honestly im so pleased ive found a company that i feel put the customers first (Finally a business understands that the customers are fantastic!)

The Link is: http://www.letsgoplanting.co.uk/

Here is a link that might be useful: Letsgoplanting

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Lowes bargain bins
End of year seed sales at any of the stores
Roses and bushes from Big Lot and Aldis - These are bagged roses in Spring and most times you can pick them up for under 5 bucks. Got 2 at Aldis for 3 bucks each. I know that the rosarians cringe, but paying big bucks for a rose that I have to baby throughout the year takes all the fun out :)
Get bargain plants that re-seed; my petunias have reseeded for the 3rd year running and each year they have different colors.

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I too love Lowes bargain bins. If i can't wait to the end of year sales then I usually order from budgetplants.com.

Here is a link that might be useful: Budget Plants

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Check with your local hardware stores at the end or change of season.

"My" Ace Hardware will have plants of one sort or another on sale from now until they get in the Thanksgiving & Christmas stuff.

Last August, the worst time in Texas for plants, I got about a half-dozen little coreopsis plants for 25 cents each.

Planted them, watered the pathetic little things, figured I was wasting the water...have had spectacular plants & brilliant flowers all spring & into the summer.

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1.) Spring State Nursery sales for neighboring states. Great source of bare root trees.
2.) Lowes clearance bin in September
3.) Bluff View Nurseries. Their shipping is erratic but they sell unusual natives cheap.
4.) Plant sales at Botanical gardens.
5.) Garden in the Woods's Fall clearance sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluff View Nursery

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I've actually been seeing some great prices on plants and seeds on ebay and Amazon. I got some really great prices on iris and daylillies in my local area off of Craigslist.

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Rona! I find their cleaning out basket of stuff to be tossed, pick through it and make an offer of $0.50 each for the big ones. They are always glad to get rid of them.

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