Nasturtium seeds

bickler(8-9)February 24, 2005

Does anyone know where I could buy the following types of nasturtium seeds?

Apricot Trifle

Caribbean Cocktail

Cherry Crumble

What do whiskey and ice nasturtiums look like?


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amandasmith911(6 INDIANA)

i am a beginer so i do not know one type of nasturiums seed from another but..

the dollar general store has one variety and i got them for 25cents a package? they have severl types of flower seeds.


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Greetings! I have never heard of Cherry Crumble, but you can get both Caribbean Cocktail and Apricot Trifle from Seymour's Selected Seeds. They also have other varieties as well. I will do a search for Cherry Crumble on the net. If something comes up I will post back. Have a great week and a great garden! Jon. Plant_Manager.

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simply_divine_joe(z8 Pacific NW)


Is it true that nasturtiums are good in the garden planted near squash to hold off insects and bugs.

What about a gray-like milky fungus on yellow squash and zuchinni. Had that in the garden last year and wound up pulling it out -- we almost cried!

Any ideas?

simply divine joe

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