What to do with old baskets?

Copperlilac(19)March 1, 2005

Yep, 2nd post in a row. I'm usually over in the seed trading section of GW but yesterday, I DISCOVERED FRUGAL GARDENING! WOW...THIS IS JUST WANT I WAS LOOKING FOR!

Anyway, I've got quite a few old, smallish baskets in my basement and I'm looking for creative ideas to use them in my garden. Maybe something besides just using them for planters. "Weathering" them isn't an issue. They've been in the basement for awhile and have the usual "basement odor". Rather than throw them out, I'm looking for ideas.

Anybody have any? Pics would be GREAT!

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I know what you mean about old basement baskets, as I too have quite a few of those.

While I've never used them outdoors, I have used them as decorative containers for pots of indoor plants such as Amaryllis, of which I have quite a few. An old basket with one or more pots of Amaryllis (or any houseplant, really) hidden by some spaghnum moss can be quite attractive.

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drasaid(zone 8)

Just slapped it on, inside and out, covering it up. I then covered it with wet newspaper and a plastic bag, and waited. It cured, and I put a fig tree in it. It did not look bad and it lasted well. It was pretty heavy but then I used some Quickcrete somebody was throwing out.
An old basket makes a nice small raised biodegradable planter; fill with soil and stick on the ground. Drains well and lets your plant develop until it is big enough to put roots through the rotting pot into the regular soil.

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If you wedge them in the crooks of trees (lightly tie in place) or hang them securely from branches, you may quickly find the birds using them to nest in.


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bird nests!!! how cool! :)

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I use small baskets tied to branches with twine as bird feeders. I put black oil sunflower seeds in them. The smaller birds like wrens or titmice seeem to like the safety of a basket. I look for small twig like baskets at the thrift stores. They look so pretty and natural dangling from trees.

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