Can I use saw dust and wood chips from my husbands woodshop?

bluebird1019March 25, 2007

My husband is a woodworker as a hobby and we are always dumping tons of saw dust and wood chips in the trash. Can I use it in my flower beds, vegetable garden or my compost pile? I have a huge pile that I really dont want to put on the burn pile if I can use it in my soil. Thanks :o)

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Heck, yes, use that wonderful stuff!

I would compost the sawdust (add nitrogen such as spent coffee grounds), & use the chips for mulch.

Don't dig woody materials directly into the soil in your beds, as it can cause "nitrogen draft" (the loss of nitrogen that the plants need);
if it's on the surface or if it's composted first, it's wonderful.

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I'd add some cow manure if you can find it locally,also.You'd be amazed at how fast sawdust breaks down with a little help from Moo!

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If I could insert a note of caution...make sure you find out what, if anything, the wood is treated with.

I have to research everything now, after my DH offered me arsenic-treated wood for garden use...

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Ditto everyone's advice. I have found the sawdust just great, available and clean. I use it inside in layers in my compost bucket, as well.

Lonewolf, are you in the UP?

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