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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)March 29, 2004

Our local paper had an article about this website. It's suppose to be a nonprofit, benefiting disabled workers. I plan to order the dogwoods and will post my results. If anyone else gives it a try, please let us know how you did. Suz

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I checked out the site and the only thing you pay for is shipping. I'm going to try it for some bulbs. I'll post the results.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Excellent site. Please support dignified working enviornments for people who have disabilities. I volunteer to teach gardening and employment life skills at our church where our parishoners are mainly people with disabilities. Someone just turned me on to another local workshop which features a greenhouse training department.
How wonderful for people with disabilities to choose a career instead of just being given a job without a choice of employment!


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I ordered some bulbs from them (red daylilies, bearded iris) and thought it was a good value. The bulbs arrived fairly quickly and with good packaging. I just placed a second order. Including the s&h, they are still generally cheaper than ebay or nurseries. Selection is limited but changes every month or so - for those seeking drought-tolerant suggestions (for zone 7, at least), right now they have purple coneflowers, Stella d'Oro daylilies, and liatris bulbs. If you needed trees, these seems like a great deal (note most get pretty big).


Here is a link that might be useful: Free Trees & Plants link

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Greetings All,
As I have an adult brother (who lives with me) that is mentally retarded AND autistic and every day goes to 'work' in a sheltered workshop...I can't tell how IMPORTANT 'work' is to him. Support these people...I am going to...
I think this is a FABULOUS idea and am going to alert the directors of the program that my brother is in to such a concept.

THANK YOU Mandyvilla for bringing this site to my and everyone else's attention!!!!

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Bitterswt(Z6 E PA)

Unfortunately, this site is no longer working.

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Maybe its just the link. When I typed in the address it worked just fine.

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I was able to access the site both ways-- clicking on the above link and typing in the address. A wonderful project--everyone benefits! Thanks, Mandyvilla, for sharing this site!

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

Hey all, just received part of my order - red twigs. Came in a clear zip lock envelope, very healthy, about 24 inches tall. Put them in a pot and they are loving life. Can't wait for the rest of my order. Suz

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Maid_in_the_Shade(z10 SE.Fla.)

WOW, the many useful things I learn at this forum!!! This has been the best so far, thankyouthankyouthankyou Mandyvilla!!!

I clicked on the link above & it worked fine. I've bookmarked the site in my favorites & plan to return often. We recently moved to 1.25 acres in what used to be pinelands in SE Fla, the original owners must have had all the pine trees cleared off the property when the house was built (the lots around us all have pines). I've been busy planting veggie & bird 'n' butterfly gardens, DH has been equally busy trying to reforest the lot. It's difficult to transplant pines, & expensive to purchase them from nurseries. How happy he was to find on this site 7 loblolly pines for $6.95, also 3 longleaf pines for the same price.

There was a bit of difficulty getting the cyber cart to load, don't know if it was the site or our dino-computer. Sometimes I'd click & things wouldn't show up immediately in the cart, but I think if you wait a bit it comes through. There's an email address for customer service posted if you have problems.

Take a minute to read about their work, how they get plants that would otherwise be wasted & give disabled people the opportunity to earn a paycheck. Seems as if they're in the business of giving the neglected a chance to thrive.

I say, check them out. Place an order. Tell your buds.

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Love the concept of this! I went to this site and just ordered some lavender plants. For 3 plants @ $6.95 I figure I can't go wrong. Just bought alot of plants at a local sale for $7 each so I figure I'll even that out. Will let you know how it goes.

I'm a new homeowner, finally getting the chance to garden seriously and on my own turf, as it were. Fortunately have the means to spend a bit, yet I recognize how important it is to save/recycle too. Am learning alot already from reading the posts, getting great ideas. B

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I have an autistic son, of course he's not old enough to "work", but it is so nice to know of programs like this. I will definitly try them first next time I am ready for new plants. Thanks so much for passing this site on to us!

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)


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didzgarden(5 ON)

Just checked this site out! What a great idea! I will definetley pass on the info to my friends and family. I hope you will too!@!!


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Hi, I got my lavender plants and they weren't quite what I expected. They were 3 shriveled dormant shoots -- came with a buckslip that said they were viable, and to follow the planting directions. I've yet to plant them since I've been busy with the "live" plants I'd bought. I'll get them in the ground this weekend and see what happens. I love the idea of the site and plan to try them again whatever happens with the lavender.

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I am psyched to try it. I also have a son with autism, and he will need a great deal of supervision and help. He will be in the work force before long. His school does have a nice horticulture program which he hasn't participated in yet. This company sounds like a fantastic concept and a win-win situation for everyone concerned. I run an Internet support list for parents and guardians of more severely impacted children and adult children with autism and/or related developmental disorders. I am going to post this site mentioned on my list to support the organization and to encourage fellow parents and grandparents raising special needs kids to get out and garden and relax.

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Hi, I just ordered 3 shrubs.
Thanks for sharing a good site.


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thorspippi(z9/s14 CA Sacramento)

For some reason, I didn't know they had daylilies! Thanks Kiki for reminding me to check out the place again!

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One shrub had arrived today in plastic bag.
It appears healthy. I hope they grow well.

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