Environmental hazards of asphalt shingles?

girlndocs(8 WA)March 11, 2006

I have a stack of them (I think that's the right name -- the gritty, flexible ones that come 3 to a sheet and you nail them on, overlapping?) left over from roofing the hen house.

I'm thinking of using them as edging for the vegetable patch where the weeds pop up under the fence. But I'm concerned about any potential hazards as they degrade into my soil.

Any information? A quick Google search was mostly fruitless.



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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I had raised beds and used asphalt shingles as paths between them. They kept the grass and weeds down well. Only downside I could find was they got hot during the day when I went barefoot to the garden to pick my produce for the evening meal. Easy remedy to slip on some sandals.
I went to a local lumber yard and asked if they had any broken or not full bundles of shingles. They sold them at a very reduced price.
Good luck!

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I saw a post (picture )just the other day where someone used them for a garden path. They would definitely keep down the weeds! They were not what she was showing in the photo, but more people commented on the path.....

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girlndocs(8 WA)

I found out elsewhere on this forum that in Florida it's illegal to dispose of the things anywhere except special waste sites because of the petrochemicals they leach into the soil. I'm not in Florida, but that's a pretty good indicator that it's probably not the greatest idea.

I'll find another project to use mine up. Maybe the rabbit would like a shingled roof too.


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