Yay!! Gardens alive coupon

pandamama2005(OK7)March 7, 2006

Yay... I got a gardens alive coupon for 25 off any amount so i got their tomatos alive fertilizer and three packs of coupons... I'm a happy camper!!



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I meant 3 seed packs not coupons... so every one keep a eye on their catalogs....

Here is a link that might be useful: Angel Brittney's mom

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$25 off any amount?
Mine says $25 off if I order another $25 worth of stuff.

Not a bad deal, if I had $25!

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fliptx(Houston 9)

I think it's 25% off. There's also a coupon for $20 off $40+ at Current Codes.

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Nancy zone 6

Mine is $25 off any amount, maybe because I have never bought from them before?

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Mine says "$25. gift coupon" Try our products absolutely FREE!
Just take $25 off your order total from this catalog, if your order total is more than $25, you'll get your order "FREE".

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Mine is also $25 free, no other purchase required. You just have to watch what you are interested in, as the shipping is a bit high, so really you only get like $18 worth of stuff free. But still very nice. This is the third or fourth time I have gotten this deal in about 19 years. No idea why they are so generous, guess they are thinking I will be inspired and buy more. I might spend a few of my own bucks (get a few organic seed packs) but mostly I am waste of their money, since I am not much of a consumer and they will never lure me into spending big bucks. I get most of my gardening stuff free, scavenging. I am thinking of getting the seed starting mix, since I use free regular dirt mixed with some free potting soil and that doesn't work so well for seed starting, too heavy.


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I've used many of Gardens Alive products with out much luck personally

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

I have used their organic fruit tree spray with good results, also the diatomaceous earth, and the sticky trap goo. I make my own traps (cut up those colorful plastic disposable plates, which I didn't buy myself) to save money. This year I got the seed starting mix and my seeds are starting much better than when I used regular and reused potting soil. Also the Brandywine tomatoes I got from them also free are already coming up. I like them, and not just because they are optimistic/foolish enough to keep giving me free stuff. :-)

After I ordered my $25 worth free online (and glad I did it online as they said I belonged to the organic gardening club and got 10% off everything, so could get an extra pack of organic seeds free) I received the same deal from Brecks. I ordered 2 kinds of bulbs and only had to pay $.93. (The regular prices were very high!) I noticed my customer number on the catalog was the same as for Gardens Alive. I guess they are owned by the same company now. Years ago I spent a bit on gardening (but not mostly with them, via the K. VanBourgondien (sp) wholesale catalog) when I first bought my previous home, so maybe they are hoping it happens again. Can't beat free.


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clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)

I got the $25 free (if you buy $25 or less it costs nothing) from Breck's, Audobon, and Spring Hill. Took advantage of all 3. Bought a little extra so I got $75 of stuff and shipping for perhaps $15.

Got the Gardens Alive! offer but it was $25 off a $50 order or more. I'd been wanting to try some of their stuff for a while, so I went for it :). Got a compost tea kit, the spring lawn organic fertilizer, and something else (geez, can't remember now what it was . . . )

And I placed a small first order with Johnny's Seeds and received a $5 coupon with my seed package. Uh-oh . . .

:-) Mel

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Mine was also for $25 free no matter how much I ordered. I was broke so I just ordered $25 worth :-)

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playdirt(z4 MN)

I got one for the fall now--$25 free--i ordered this spring and spent $22 --the shipping was included in the #25--so it was free. I am going to get seed starting soil . cathy

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