cheap greenhouses recycle

telecaster(5)March 14, 2005

u know those upright cheap greenhouses at the box stores ,,,with 3 or 4 wire shelves and a plastic cover with a zipper?

Well anyway I found the plastic lasts only 2 seasons so here I am with 2 of these monsters and no cover.I took them apart and made 6 single shelf greenhouses because for one thing when u have racks on top of each other it blocks some of the sun .Anyway I plan on putting these out either on the deck or up on bricks out in the yard.Now all I have to do is find some heavy clear plastic of some kind and I'm set.Any ideas on the plastic? Please no lectures on buying that xpensive stuff..I am slowly learning that u really don't have to spend a lot of $ if u just think.I made a decent light stand for about $80 just for an example!

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victorias_garden(7 Atlanta) could try a fabric store. Often, they will sell clear plastic on a roll, and at a much better price than that "xpensive stuff". You may find it with either the raincoat fabrics or with the craft fabrics. By chance, if you saved the plastic that was on your greenhouse, you can use it as a pattern - just cut it into sections, trace its outline on brown paper grocery bags, and cut some new plastic that will fit your frame. If you are a seamstress, or know one, it's very easy to sew these plastic sections together. Or, you can just make a loose tent of the plastic, use a one-hole punch around the bottom, and thread some twine through the holes - to gather the thickness...good luck...Victoria.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

not knowing your dimensions, what about garment bags? the clear ones...dollar stores usually sell them.

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sjmarq(z4 MN)

Try a furniture store. They have very large heavy duty clear plastic removed from furniture (sofas, mattresses) free for the taking.

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I just made some indoor greenhouses out of clear mattress wrapping that I saved a couple years ago. Bendable tubing from an old set of roman shades, some clear tape (from work) and a few of those plastic trays from the nursery and about 4 hours labor and I was done. Granted, they aren't anything to last me through the years but maybe 2 or 3 in my kitchen till I can afford something nicer. But they were free. I wish you luck!

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I thought I'd let you all know that they're making a clear duct tape that works really well on plastic. It saved my sanity when I was setting my GH up last fall.

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Clear heavy duty shower curtain liners are on clearance all the time, also clear plastic tablecloth covers. Maybe large enough to put 2 together? I just saw that tape Nigella, didnt buy it yet but think it is a fantastic idea.

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Flowerkitty(Z6 or Z5 SE MI)

How about plastic painter drop cloths. They make heavy duty ones as well as the super thin throw aways. Also, some places sell large plastic bags to cover yard items. I get clear plastic off the roll in the fabric section of Walmarts to cover my dining room tablecloth. It comes in different weights. The roll is quite wide and sells by the foot. By the way, the regular fuzzy backed vinyl tablecloth material that Walmart sells by the running foot in the fabric dept cam be used to make a cheap mattress protector instead of the expensive waterproof mattress pads sold in bedding depts. Just lay it on the mattress, overlap if two are needed for larger bed, and cover with regular mattress pad, and sheets. It has never shifted under the sheets when I tried it (to protect from a sick cat) and worked great. Takes less room to store too

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

I've experimented, and six mil plastic will sew together quite well.

Any thinner than that and you might have problems. I used 10 mil clear plastic last year to cover my Hoophouse. I sewed together three ten foot sections.

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Find a greenhouse supplier and get greenhouse grade UV resistant plastic. I have used mine for 5-6 years. I take it down about this time of year, fold it, and use it again the next year. Maybe your favorite plant nursery could tell you where to get it.

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