how to get 'free' fresh greens & other veggies

rembetika(austin, TX)March 16, 2005

i just wanted to say a word about how cool it is to throw stuff in your compost pile and find stuff growing there later. i have a huge potato plant that sprouted up out of nowhere within a few days... and there's also some fresh new turnip greens sprouting from some old turnips that were no longer good enough to eat. also when you chop onions (for those who don't know already), instead of throwing away the end part (where the "root" is..) bury it in your pile and watch some new ones come up.

i also noticed some purple cabbage growing out of some cabbage ends that got discarded,, it remains to be seen how big they'll get.

also, supposedly, you can plant lemongrass you buy from the store & you'll get a whole new plant.

there are so many things you can plant & have more of, instead of just throwing them in the trash... what a waste!!

anyone else have some good ideas about kitchen cast-offs that can be recycled into new plants.....?

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drasaid(zone 8)

It is good for roses to have them near and it is very convienient to just go out and snap off the green shoots for salads and cooking (and a lot nicer than paying for bundles of green onions that so soon turn into a terrifying slime-in-a-bag.)
You get a sprouted onion or garlic clove (which by the way your grocer may give you free, just ask. The ones that get sunlight sprout, so they often have them.)
and dibble a hole and stick it in. You can just jam it into the ground but I prefer to hide it-let the neighbors think it is a blooming allium.
It will come up soon.
Now, if you have enough of them scattered around the yard you won't have to buy green onions! Yeah!

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