Best Deal on a Wheelbarrow

mwieder(z5 NE OH)April 18, 2007

We're in need of a wheelbarrow - what's the best deal out there right now? Someone mentioned a $60 on at Sam's club but we're not members.


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I bought a nice 2 wheel wheelbarrow at walmart for 60 bucks last fall they had single wheeled for a few bucks less

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I'm looking at that two wheel barrow. How do you like yours?

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wishfulthinking , i like it a lot doesn't tip over as easy as 1 wheel my ground is on a hillside and its great. But it handles different that a single wheel takes a little practice.

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First, think about how heavy of a load are you going to put in it. If you overload a cheap wheelbarrow, it won't last.

I got mine from the local hardware store a year ago for $25. Not commercial quality but it holds a full load of compost. For plain dirt, I only fill it half full. With care it should last several years if I retighten the bolts and if you do assemble one, buy some larger washers that fit up against the wood. Put some Thompsons water seal or varnish in any drilled holes in the wood. You might even want to paint the pieces again before assembling. This will make it last longer and weather better.

Test question: Where do you put the main load on a wheelbarrow? Front or back? Improper loading is what makes them tippy. So does overloading.

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Umm, the back?

The wheelbarrow choice was taken out of my hands. Asked my husband to stop & pick one up for me & he came back with the single wheel kind. However, its deeper than the one I had & made of some kind of plastic rather than metal, and I like it a lot.

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In the middle and over the wheel. You merely balance the load and the wheel takes the weight of the load. Don't overload.

My $25 wheelbarrow is rubbing on the wheel. Started on the last load I did last week, and then I hauled a stump from my van to the yard and now it really rubs. (too heavy for me to lift). Guess I will have to overhaul it. Wouldn't have happened on a $50 solid style unit. But, since what I do is fix things, I will put it on the list.

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