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nhrdls(9)April 30, 2014


A new user on this site, this is my second post on this site.

Since California is in the state of drought, I was looking for ways to save water and still be as frugal as possible. I experimented with home made drip systems as you can see in attached pictures. Basic usage was to take easily available materials in the house and try to use it. I have tried systems with milk containers/yogurt containers and to-go containers that you get from many places. A small hole to container and twine threaded through it makes nice drip. Twine expands and clogs the hole, so there is no water leak and it drips slowly. Milk container has two schemes - either small drip attached for small area or soaker hose attached for larger area.
I use water collected from shower and kitchen to water my plants.

You can see more pictures at https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104263965584664682840/albums/5994470982121057729

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Great ideas! Do you also keep the water sources covered in some way? (to reduce evaporation or mosquito breeding)

The 1-gallon jug water unit might be able to achieve its goal without the drip system. Some people use it like an olla , either burying it in the ground, or leaving it on top like you did. The water will leak out of small holes to water the ground at a slow rate.

It seems like the onions are growing in something long and rectangular. Have you see the rain gutter growing system? A planter sits on top of the rain gutter and wicks up moisture to the rest of the plant.

Also, I wonder if home-made Earthboxes would be a good choice for saving water? At first, it seems like you have to fill in the water reservoir so much, but at the same time, it does seem to reduce the water that evaporates due to exposed water on the ground surface or leaf surfaces. For some plants, it also helps in that way, so that leaves don't get wilt or powdery mildew.

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I have a rain barrel that is setting on the edge of my patio. Currently, I fill up a water can from the barrel and carry the water to my plants. I have kiwi vines and flowers near the rain barrel and I want to rig a slow drip hose to keep the kiwis and flowers watered without carrying it. I plan to use an old hose and make small holes it it at the appropriate location and burry it under shredded limb mulch. Has anyone tried this or have a better idea?

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ju1234((8 Dallas TX))

Hello Gardenper: I have been thinking about some how using the shower water for my garden. However problem is the the drain system of the shower is first a closed system. The only access to it is through the "clean out" cover. I don't know how to even get water from there without spilling all over the yard. Secondly at least at my house the access pipe outside the house wall is lower than my raised bed garden.

How do you take the water from the shower and kitchen to the garden?

Charlie: Yes I have set up rain barrels with slow drip system. I drilled hole near the bottom, screwed in a 3/4" faucet into it and connected a standard 1/2 black DIG brand tubing to it with slow drippers every 2 feet or so. I just got it done recently and had couple of rains since then. It seems to work.

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