rice sack soil container for garden doors

mikeytitan(6b)May 14, 2009


I have this security door that is in need of a vine so that I can have more privacy in my backyard... I want a vine on it but I don't like the idea of a vine growing onto it from the soil or a pot and making the door difficult to open. So I had an idea to use a rice sack as a mounted container of sorts so that I could grow a vine yet keep the door free moving... The door is facing east/west So I get direct sunlight on both sides of the door during the early morning and mid afternoon which will hopefully cause the nasturtium that I just planted (limited options at the moment due to limited funds for new seeds) to flower on both sides of the door.

Here is a link to the pics:


I wrote a lot of detail under the pics on flickr describing the types of vines I thought about using and the reason why I want to use those particular vines etc... here is the link to my flickr page with a lot more detail on my ideas:

I basically took a rice sack and filled it with soil:

melted holes in the top so that I could thread nylon fishing line through it to keep it close since the sack is mounted sideways.

tied fishing line around and around in different places on the sack so that I could use the line as mounting points rather than trying to mount the sack directly to the security door.

used UV stabilized tie wraps resistant to UltraViolet light so they don't break from sun damage


mounted the sack to the gate using tie wraps.

The rice sack naturally drains water due to it being somewhat porous and I used a soldering iron to melt holes in the top for seedlings/vines to grow out of... I also used a hot glue gun to make an edge around the hole to help keep the holes from becoming frayed over time.

Now I play the waiting game to see if there is enough soil, drainage, light... how well an annual does (1st year) versus using a perenenial vine for winter foliage for privacy...

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Cool idea! Your gate/door looks stout. How does it operate with the added weight?

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Thanks! The added weight is barely noticeable when i open/close the door... It is made of steel so it is heavy to begin with! I have the sack tie wrapped to the steel bars behind the piece of trellis that has been tie wrapped to the gate for the past few years. The door has plenty of clearance so the door can open fully even with the sack tied to the bottom and sticking out.

the true test will be opening/closing the door when/if it is covered with flowering vines, bees and other bugs... I'm going to have to trim it if it gets out of control and make sure it is always nice and tidy.

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time for an update!

I decided to plant some nasturtium seeds that I had laying around from the neighborhood store...

These pics were taken yesterday:

I had to make the holes a little larger since I didn't anticipate how difficult it would be for me to transplant tiny seedlings into the holes since I ran out of seeds and had to move some extras from different parts of the yard.

Below is the outside of the yard where you can see the nasturtium growing through the lattice:

and... here is a closeup of door on the opposite side of the rice sack:

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ajpa(z6 se PA)

That is so cool.

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