Plant stand ideas?

mommie_roseMay 14, 2007

I have a bunch of containers with plants in them on my back patio. Th patio isn't very big. To add interest to the plants, I would like to elevate some of the containers, like with plant stands. I don't have any conventional plant stands, and I would rather not spend money on them. Has anyone made a plant stand out of stuff they had at home, or does anyone have other ideas? I'm hoping these plant stands will last till about October. I would like to have around three of them. I don't have any bricks or anything like that at my disposal.

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Old bird bath, other pots upside down. You might pick something up at a yard sale.

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I've used things like an old grill, some sort of cement pipe thingie (how's that for technical terms) and other pots. But I've also found plant stands very inexpensive at Dollar General and Big Lots.


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Actually I just thought of something else - check out your local thrift shops in addition to the yard sales, and think outside the box - i.e., look at things in a new way. It doesn't need to be a plant stand to become a plant stand. Also, if there is any construction or renovation going on in your area, look for things like tree stumps (or at least a chunk of tree) or concrete blocks and things they might be planning to discard - they may let you have them just for the asking.


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Old chairs with or without the backs. Garage sales often have them for a couple of dollars, and you can paint them (stole this idea from the Garden Junkers).

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Thank you guys! I'm going to be doing lots of rummaging this weekend, so hopefully I'll find something.

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I have seen really cute stands made out of old wheelbarrows, bicycles, tricycles, and birdbaths.

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Here is my take. I don't scrounge, dig in dumpsters, or stop and ask someone if they want that thingy in their back yard, or hit the bargain area of any store I happen to be at, or even look behind the stores. Ok I also lie.

So, when I am 'browsing' I take any large plastic container, strong old board of whatever length, bracket, bag of bolts,screws, etc. From these I have made several temporary plant stands or places for my transplants to get up in the air a bit.

You might check the big box stores in their shelving dept for some ideas for a quick inexpensive shelf brackets or ready made ends. You just put boards between them and viola you have a mini shelf.

Just got a 16"x16"x5' high gold colored metal plant stand by stopping at a curb. She even had the glass shelves for it set near it. Said she just put it out ten minutes ago and too keep an eye out as she had other things to put out soon.

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While not necessarily providing the most elegant look, cinderblocks can be up-ended and used either as individual stands or they can be used in pairs to support a board balanced on top. Cinderblocks cost $.85 each at my local Home Depot. Up-ended, they're about 16".


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