How I Got My Free Vegitables

troseph_utMay 14, 2009

I didn't spend a dime on my garden this year. This is how:

Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, cabbage and Leeks were all extras from relatives. If you know someone planting a garden they might have more plants than they plan on planting, make sure to ask if they have extras.

Peas, zucchini, cucumbers and a few others came from extra seeds from friends packets or last years fruit.

Soy beans: came in some rat food we got mixed from a breeder

Trellis: we had a pretty nasty storm down a ton of branches, thats where 90& of my trellis came from

Manure/Compost: father-in-law's cows, our chickens, and our rats (composted)

Tools: second-hand from misc relatives

If you're broke, don't think a garden isn't for you, its cheap and easy!

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good for you troseph - its fun being frugal! Good tips to keep in mind. You got me thinkin' - thnx

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I think we can all learn from Trospeh that it's not what you know, but who you know

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

or what you know about who you know! :o)
I would also look out on Craigs list (free bit) and join freecycle if your not lucky enough to have such green fingered friends and relatives, either watch out for plant and Curb alerts! alot plants are left on people curbs or put a wanted add up for whatever you need (you may need to put a few offered adds before they will let you do this, but we all have stuff cluttering up the place.
I use old cat litter tubs for containers as well as marg and yogurt pots ect.
I only have hand tools as the soil here is impossible with the stones in it, from the Dollar store and they are holding up better than I ever thought they would!,
I have a raised bed which I made form a upside down todler bed which had seen better day and managed to blag a free replacement bed from my hubbys works classifieds on there intranet, I especially recommend this method if you know someone or work for a large company with these classifieds on the intranet, we have found alot of people in high paided jobs, seem to bore of really good stuff, but then can't be bothered to resell but don't want to move it themselves! we have got the most amazing stuff either free or for stupid money! in fact on a different note to demonstrate, when expecting my twins I brought or received for free all their baby equipment, cribs, changing tables, sterilisers, reusable nappies, bouncing chairs ect, ect for about $200 and sold them after use for either the same amount or more! especially if free! also look in dumpsters? is that the right name?, I hired one when moving and stuck a sign on it saying if you see something you want please take it, what happened was that it kept emptying, other people snuck stuff in and that to would disapear! I had extimated we would need 5 dumpsters at a cost of $250 each in the event only 1 was needed, bargin! and others benefited too
Also I have just located horse manure from a girl who works in the office below my husband, when I meet her at a party, she was very quite I engaged her in conversation and turned out she owns 2 horse and a manure problem! yay!
part of the fun of finding the "treasure" is finding out where it is hidden. :o)

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Your brother called. He wants his shovel back.
Your sister called wondering if you have the chainsaw.
Your father in law says you still have that pitchfork, and he needs it.

Sounds like you are a master chef of your own stone soup. When the harvest comes, it will be your turn to share. Enjoy!

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I always start way too many seedlings. I gave some to friends and family and then put the rest out by the end of the driveway with a sign marked "Free." They were gone within an hour & a half. Someone will be growing Ukrainian Pear Tomatoes, Green Zebra Tomatoes, Peter Peppers & Pursa Jalawa Peppers. I'm glad somebody is using the seedlings.

It pays to keep your eyes open.

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