Cheap protection from wildlife and GEESE?

megmaineMay 15, 2009

Hi everyone!

I need to protect my beds out in some rural acreage, because my gorgeous array of early cabbages, Brussels sprouts, broccolis, and even parsely, got munched right down to the ground in two days by wildlife. There's a wonderful wild marshy pond nearby, like less than 50 yards away, and the neighboring farmer's stock pond brings geese.

There's a huge turtle or toroise in the wild marshy pond, plus at least one woodchuck and I swear I saw a beaver. There were goose tracks all over my vegetable bed when the damage happened also.

So fences may keep turtles and woodchucks out, but not geese. What to do?

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Fence, pie plates on a string, plastic owls, shotgun.

Turtles live in marsh, tortise live in desert.

Small beaver? Maybe a muskrat, they eat greens but won't travel far out of water.

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to keep the geese off the beach and dock, we used an inflatable alligator and later just a facsimilie that we left in the water. Garden supplies sell them. Geese do not like alligators.

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