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mzdee(6b)May 17, 2014

It is finally Spring and Summer all at once. Seems there was no transition in the seasons. I finally got back into the yard and assessed my winter survivors. Lost a few things and probably won't replace them. I did go by Lowes and they already have the bargain bins out. Picked up 2 half price hydrangeas. That will my purchase for the whole season...you believe me right??? Some of my end of the year 2013 bargains didn't get planted but made it through the winter... blueberry bush, clematis, lily. Will put them in this weekend.
My petunias are back and coming in very nicely. Hoping for some beautiful blooms for the 3rd year running. Also gonna plant some end of the year seed bargains zucchini as well as some basil etc.
So what is going on in your frugal gardening world?

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Did a bunch of wintersowing this year. First time trying, already transplanted marigolds, cosmos, thyme, assorted sedum,hens & chicks, aubrieta rock cress, euphorbia 'Kilimanjaro', ice plant, snow in summer, irish moss, golden currant bush, blue fescue and forget-me-not. Delphinium and rudbeckia are close.

Took my spare seedlings to a plant swap, came back with sweet woodruff, four plugs of mystery columbine, more forget-me-not, a 6" tall pagoda dogwood seedling(!), and three variegated solomon's seal.

When I planted a new serviceberry tree, I tried rooting eight suckers that I removed. I did this by sticking each one in a pot of dirt. My technique could certainly bear improvement, but as of yesterday I had two successes + one maybe.

mzdee, thanks for the Lowes early bargain tipâ¦last year's Lowes $3 clearance half-dead tiny Mugo Pine somehow survived winter and has impressive growing tips now.

How did you get your petunias to come back?

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Agathafroo, I'm so jealous of your winter sowing. Every Fall, I tell myself that will. And well....I don't. Please post pictures as things mature. Maybe it will be the inspiration that I need :)
I didn't do anything to the petunias except shake out the seeds as the stems begin to dry out. They grow in a big pot on my deck. I guess that is winter sowing of sorts because they get the cold and snow cover. I am going to fertilize with a bit of milorganite this weekend as the plants are getting rather healthy and have a second set of leaves. They change color each year. They are wave petunias and started out pink. The next year they bloomed a mixture of purples, whites and lavenders. I can't wait to see what color they will be this year.

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The Lowes clearance bins/shelves have been active since February for my area. Got lots of good plants that I had to protect from late frosts, but they made it and have been transplanted for several weeks now.

I actually finished all seeding/transplanting a few weeks ago. Amazing how much less time I spend in the yard now. Just keeping the weeds and ants at bay from doing a quick look through the yard almost every day, then mowing every week. Water every 2-3 days. The rest of the plants are growing decently with this kind of care but I know the 3-digit temperatures aren't far away, and it'll be a mad dash to keep plants from stressing out too much.

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Mzdee, I think that totally counts as wintersowing. Love it!

Today I remembered a couple of fingerling potatoes I picked up in February at the grocery store and set in my basement. One was moldy, but the other looked nicely sprouted...so I planted it.

Here's a pic of one of the golden currant bushes.

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