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christine456May 28, 2014

I have 3 bags of tube sand (like people use for traction in pick-ups)-can I use it as a bottom layer to a pebble (riverstone type) path? The current path is getting weedy at the entrance and I didn't know if I could re-furbish it by digging it up, putting a cloth weed barrier down, the sand, and more stone. Any ideas?

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I don't know much about stone paths, but since no one else has commented...

I don't think it matters what kind of sand you use.

The goal is to pack down a stable material so that the stone stays where you put it.

You might ask a brick layer or someone like that just to get a professional's slant on it.

Best luck!

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It should work fine. There are different sands, and your sand bags are most likely river or beach or gravel pit sand, which tends to be rounded particles. Masons use 'sharp sand', the particles are sharp and pack together better and do not move around when compacted. But for a walking path it shouldn't matter - you're not building a high rise.

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