where do I get cheap 5 gallon pails?

naplesgardenerMay 5, 2008

You know the kind--used for paint buckets and other things.

any suggestions on where to look for them?

I want to plant tomatoes and other plants in them and don't want to pay Home Depot for them.

thanks for any suggestions.

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

Try checking with the managers at local fast food restaurants. Pickles often are supplied in the 5-gallon pails.

I have obtained the pails for free for various organization this way. I never asked for any for personal use. However, I think you could probably get some this way for little or nothing. Otherwise, they go in the garbage.

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Most grocery store bakery depts are happy to give them away. They get batter, eggs and frosting in them and then just throw them away. They usually save one of two for the deli to toss their oils into at night, but that is all they will have after about 10:00, so go early.


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& pool maintenance companies often have them.

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I get my 5 gallon icing/frosting buckets for .25 cents each at our local grocery/bakery. Go in person to your local grocery store that has a bakery and ask if they have any empty frosting/icing pails they can give you or sell you. Get their early as Billie suggests other wise they keep a few they need then toss the rest in the compactor. If they dont have any at the moment ask if they will save you a few over the next week.

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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

My neighbor works at Applebees and he gave me gobs of them from pickles and salsa. It would be good to have them used instead of compacted. Hope you have luck in getting them for free, always my favorite price.

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check out buildings that are being built. the spackle comes in these containers and for a decent size home they probably throw away 10 or so buckets. you'll have to give a good cleaning but they are free.

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if there is a hospital near you the food service dept probably throws away several 5 gal buckets a week ...how do i know?i work in one and grab one everytime it is emptied...if u offered the manager a little cash for them they would prob jump on it

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I curbshopped several buckets fgropm someone who had put them out for trash. They had previously held "ice-melt".

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thanks everyone for your suggestions. they are all good and I'm going out looking tomorrow. there's a pool supply store nearby so that'll be my first try.

the home building business has come to a screeching halt here so that's out but it was a good idea.

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I know for a fact that Firehouse Subs sells theirs. Pickles were originally in them. I think that they are a dollar each. Saw them just the other day when I was there having lunch.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

Can't miss their "Bucky" the bucktoothed bucket mascot lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: nternational Pickle Bucket Rescue League

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I use the kitty litter pails for growing tomatoes and peppers. I get all I want free from the local recycle place. Several that I picked up had the hinged lid and I use them for storing potting soil.

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I do the same thing. I have five cats, so I get my litter in the 28 pound buckets. They're roughly 5 gallon size, and they're free. That's what my tomatoes and peppers are going to go into. I also plan to keep one or two for my home-grown compost.

Ask anyone who has a cat. Or possibly ask animal shelters. They'd probably give them to you for free or for a donation.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

Thanks for the idea about this, I need some of these too. I called Fire House and they sell them here for $2 each, much better than $5 Lowes wants for them. Burger King and Hardees has them for free but Subway, Krystals and McDonalds get their pickles in bags.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I paid a dollar each in a "Dollar Tree" store. Bought 4. They are very durable for the price. I use them for different tasks around the garden.

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I got my thirty buckets out of construction dumpsters. They are rather high so wait until you can see some paint or drywall compound buckets visible from the road. Paint buckets are rather easier to clean up than texture buckets. And those buckets which held cable pulling compound are very greasy.

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I'm late to the party but I got mine from the commercial kitchen at my work. The kitchen saves the buckets we get 50lbs of laundry detergent in for whoever wants them. We get our soap from Sysco. Hope that helps!

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fabridam(Z5 NY)

Here's an article about five gallon pails with a few suggestions where to find them. It also discusses how to remove those pesky lids.

Here is a link that might be useful: Five gallon pails

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I saw an add in the Recycler, some guy was selling 5 gallon buckets that had been used to store honey complete with lids for a dollar apiece, and they had already been cleaned pretty good, so I bought all 60 of them. I then resold half of them for $2 apiece plus a dollar for a lid, so ended up getting the 30 I kept for myself for free. BTW, Home Depot and Lowes charges about $5 for a 5 gallon bucket plus an extra $2 for a lid.

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

I just have to thank you for this post and all the responders. I now have all the 5 gallon buckets I can stand from our local grocery store's bakery department. They had icing them. My sister didn't have the same luck, but it got her mind to thinking where to go other than the same grocery store. She's going to a local buffet restaurant to see what they tell her.

Now, just so you know, it IS a lot of work to clean out the icing buckets... I had NO idea how disgustingly greasy that icing was! (LOL) BUT, I'm very grateful to be saving so much on the buckets, so no more complaining here...

The lady is so nice to save a few every week for us. We just go in when we normally do our shopping and grab them on the way out. It's WONDERFUL!


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