need way to repair Plastic to Plastic break

sunslight(Utah z5-6)June 15, 2008

Anyone know how to glue plastic back to the same plastic?

The type of plastic is unknow.

What I'm trying to make solid again are the spokes to my lawn mower wheels. The wheels are $30. If gorrila glue will do it, that'd be a huge savings.

I tried using regular super glue, as well as gel super glue, it didn't adhere (set) at all.

Nearly every super glue has the notice that it will glue "some plastics," or "most plastics." Some say not for plastic.

I've yet to see any plastic that these glues will put back together.

I essentially need to "weld" the broken spokes back together. If you know of a glue or any other adhesive that will work, please let me know.

--oh, I did find one "super glue" that was for plastic. It "melted" the plastic so it would bond; then you were to apply the fix that made it set--only that part didn't work. The glue melted the plastic but no mixing it back to being hard. I was left with a worse, broken part, than if I had not applied the super glue for plastic. I had to throw the item out.

With the wheel at $30, if there is any way to save it, your suggestions will be very helpful.


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I generally use epoxy for something like that - get the kind that is in two little tubs and it'll last forever for about 4 bucks at Home Depot. The slower it cures, the stronger it is, generally. (5 minuste epoxies generally last 20 minutes before they break again. :) Clean it well and rough it up if it needs it.

In your particular situation, I'd probably pick up a cutting board at the dollar store, cut a new inner diameter for the wheel, drill it and epoxy it in place. Those cutting boards are strong and useful.

Good luck!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Epoxy is the way to go. Know anyone with some mighty putty? I just repaired a broken freezer door shelf with it, rebuilt a broken piece on the end of the plastic bracket and sanded it to the right shape. Mighty putty is easy cuz the mixing can be messy and its pre measured but I know that other people do fine with the 2 little tubs and that would have worked for my fridge shelf as well.
good luck, kathy

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I would consider two part epoxy or maybe PVC glue. Another possibility is to forget the plastic and use a thin piece of metal instead.

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