Choice of mulch next to artificial turf and process

penaddict(Z4 CO)June 29, 2009

We will be installing about 450 sq ft of artificial turf soon. Our landscaper who's installing this suggested using "Gorilla Mulch" (which I found out is either Redwood Mulch or "Cascade Cedar Mulch").

The company that sells the mulch mentioned NOT to put down weed fabric but to put it over the dirt (and to dig down 3 to 4 inches) as the smooth surface of the weed fabric won't hold down the mulch.

First, is this a good option of mulch next to artificial turf, as we want to avoid the wind from blowing the material (mulch) onto the turf.

Second, my husband and I don't have the energy anymore to dig down 3-4 inches of dirt (it will be a large space).

Is putting weed fabric down a waste? Husband wants to install weed fabric though.

Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.


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lots to think about-
You might check the Landscaping Forum;
there are lots of experts over there.

Best luck.

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