what to do with scrap rain gutters?

joannawJune 1, 2009

Just had new gutters installed-- the roofer guys left a pile of the scrap out by the road-- some gutters I guess and the drain pipes that ran down the corners of the house. Seems like these should be useful for something-- any ideas?

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How about using them to grow hydroponic veggies?

here is a post that someone had made where they thought of using a gutter:


I've experimented with a timer where I had flood a chamber for 30 mins and then emptied it out for 30 mins which (i guess) can give you a little different perspective on using a Nutrient Film Technique with the gutter. I did this using a cheap timer that I had obtained from home depot and it worked wonderfully. I didn't use a gutter so I don't know about the issues with the gutter being too flexible... etc... Perhaps with proper support you could get around this but then again the PVC might wind up being cheaper than buying the materials needed for supporting the gutter.

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if they r aluminum recycle them here the gutter guys usually take it if its aluminum.cans worth .35$/# here.

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Well, they came back and hauled them away yesterday afternoon, so I guess I don't have to come up with something after all. No hydroponics for me I guess (at least not with rain gutters!) Maybe I should have recycled them myself when I had the chance.

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