need ideas for old trampoline pipes, etc.

clinda62(z9 TX)July 25, 2005

My neighbors just took down their 4 yr. old trampoline and were going to put the pipes, springs, netting, trampoline jumping cloth(for lack of a better term) in the trash to go to the landfill!!! Of course, me being the freecycler of the neighborhood, I could NOT let that happen.

Any ideas????? All suggestions welcomed. OH, and fyi...I'm too OLD for a trampoline myself!

I've also posted this on the Garden Junk forum. Let's see your ideas. I just CAN'T let this go into the landfill.


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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

check out the below posting from AL forum......Nigella used leftover trampoline parts for her greenhouse... Wish i could find some - i would build me a 2nd greenhouse! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: greenhouse on the cheap - w/trampoline parts

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I've seen nice chicken tractors made of old trampolines. That means the chickens are grass fed. You move them all over the pasture and they fertilize the pasture and keep it mowed.

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I use the mat as a weed barrier for my newly rooted outside cuttings. And last winter used 3 of the metal supports that are shaped like a U on each end, with one in the middle of a small raised bed to support plastic for tenting over new seedlings. I had to use some short pieces of rebar hammered into the ground to help hold it up and worked great. With the metal U's hollow they just slide right over the rebar. trudyjean

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could you make a compost bin out of it?

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Is it reuse old trampolines pipes?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebo Trampolines

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you could also use it for stuff like to let morning glories and such to grow up them, and if you square foot garden, well that would be just awesome!! maybe some kinda arbor? that's what i'd do!! :'))

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Hi.. Is it reused old trampoline pipes. If u know more about reused old trampoline accessories?

Here is a link that might be useful: 10ft trampolines

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Make a greenhouse!

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

My neighbor says he is trashing their trampoline too. I told him to let me save the pipes that are used for the netting (to keep kids from falling out) and we can use them for the tomato plants I am planting out for him along his side of my fence. I intend to hang some rope down and we'll train his tomato plants up the ropes. These pipes should stick up 7 feet or so once we hammer them into the ground.

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You can cut the pipes in different lengths and make wind chimes.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

My husband took a piece of pipe about the size of the trampoline pipes and pounded in the ground to support the clematis trellis. He wired the trellis to the metal pipe. It helps to hold it secure because the weight of the clematis vine when it is in full bloom is very heavy. Saw that tip in GardenGate magazine one time.

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Meme Ryan

Hi I saw a family sized trampoline raised onto a timber frame like you would erect for a pergola(4 posts x one in each corner) an trampoline mat then had bamboo fencing attached to the underside and it looked great. It was a great outdoor space to sit under.

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