Etiquette for Frugal Gardeners: How to Ask for Things

sylviatexas1July 4, 2014

Always say please & thank you of course!

other tips for asking:

Don't get in people's way.
If it's a demolition, park at the curb.
Workers don't have time to wait for you to move your car, & parking at the curb avoids getting nails in your tires.

Say hello, be polite, & get to the point.
People are busy.

Do what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it.
I once got a bunch of antique bricks from a demolition, but I got called in to work on the second day that I was to pick them up, & the bricks that were taken from the house that day went into the dumpster.
Coffee grounds at restaurants usually cannot be kept for you, so you *must* pick them up every day or night;
the restaurant has to take out the trash daily because of health requirements.

Plan on doing everything yourself.
People don't have time to stop & haul windows or lumber or bricks or bags of coffee grounds for you.

If people can help you, they usually will.
If they can't, realize that they just can't;
accept it & say thank you.
It may be that the property owner wants the items you want, or the contractors or workers may have spoken for them, or there may be a liability issue. etc.

I know there must be more...
What other tips do y'all have?

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Re your suggestion #4 - unless the bags of coffee grounds are light enough for me to handle easily I ask for help. Get mine at a Starbucks in a large grocery store.

I'm a Texan by birth. Moved to SC years ago and learned that many people think it's bad luck to say thanks. Isn't that a hoot? I'd say "thanks" for a plant only to be told it wouldn't live if I did.

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Sometimes Starbucks people do offer to carry heavy bags, & that's very nice of them!

Many years ago, my aunts & all their friends & neighbors passed along plants, & none of them ever said thanks;
it was an old superstition that you had to pretend that the plant had no value, therefore there was nothing for which you should thank the person, etc.

& there was a correlary to it:
if someone asked where you got it, you were supposed to tell them you stole it!

The first part sounds like the traditions of complaining when you get what you want, so the gods won't be jealous & take it away from you;
maybe 'tell them you stole it' part just grew out of it somehow.

In this day & age in Texas, I hardly ever run into anyone who still goes by that old tradition;
intereseting that there are still pockets of old-fashioned traditionalists, cuckoo southerners though we may all be!

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