recycle spanish roof tiles for drive/walkway

lilafterJuly 5, 2006


i have an opportunity to obtain a large number of used "s" shaped spanish roof tiles for free! hence i write my question here.

my idea is to bury them all lined up so that only the "s" shape is visible next to my driveway paths which are made of turfstone- concrete pavers with grass in the holes.

right now i have pea gravel as a walkway beside the driveway paths and those little stones go all over the place.

my concern is would the tiles be able to withstand the weight of a car should a wheel go over the pathway.

the tiles seem to be about 10 inches long and 6 or so wide and so would be buried nearly the whole 10 inches deep. i can't seem to find any information to determind either yes or no.

would an thin layer of morter or cement help provide strength?

what do you think my frugal gardeners?


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rosiew(8 GA)

I'd LOVE to get a bunch of the Spanish roof tiles. One thought - could you perhaps use a tile saw to cut them to 5"? That would make burying them a lot easier.

Re breakage - don't know the answer but you could save some of the tiles to use as replacements if breakage did occur.

I know about the gravel going everywhere and think this could be a great solution. Please let us know.

Want to ask about your pavers with grass center. What I really want to ask is how you trim the grass so it doesn't sprawl all over the paver.

Rosie in Sugar Hill, GA

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I also rescued a very large number of the flat ones. They are fairly fragile, definitely a car would destroy them. I locked mine together and made a pathway around and through my herb garden and several have broken corners and edges from my dropping the shovel, etc. Piegirl

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