Use water from water softener discharge ?

marylynh1(So Cal)July 18, 2004

I read through the posts on using water from the dehumidifier -- We want to know if it is OK to water Camellias/ornamental plants and lawns with water softener discharge brine using potassium chloride (not sodium chloride/salt). Didn't know where to ask -- would appreciate your comments.

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I'd start by checking with the water softner folks - they would be liable for damages if their product harmed you or your property so they should know what you can and cannot do with it.

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BradleyQT(z5 Westminster/Broomfield)

I second Lady's thoughts.

Just a thought...Potassium is the K in NPK plant food. Not sure how all those chlorides would do in the ground. The brine should also contain a lot of Magnesium (macronutrient/mineral that is used in photosynthesis) and Calcium. The link from dollar stretcher might be of interest to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calcium

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msmarieh(Z5/N IL)

We used to use the potassium in our water softener and were told by several sources that it was very good for our plants. Nothing in my garden seemed harmed when I used that water.

Unfortunately it was very bad for our water softener (doesn't dissolve completely, ended up building up rock hard sediment several inches deep in the bottom).

So now we use the sodium and put a bypass on our faucets for the outside water.


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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

We've been in this house 4 years and I'm a city gal, new to wells, softeners and septic tanks/field. We first used the salt whose backwash killed a big swatch of grass. The neighbors put their salty backwash into their CONCRETE septic tank, not a good idea I was told. So we switched to potassium chloride and every week I have to use wink to remove the brown stain in the toilet and my skin smells awful after a shower because of the high iron content in the water. The potasium chloride did not do a good job removing it and the softener guys have come out twice because the water keeps getting worse. But the grass area did not get worse. So after 6 months, we are going back to the salt-too bad for the grass-although the quack grass doesn't mind the salted water. So as I remove the quack grass from the flower beds, I transplant it into the run-off area. LOL. and all of you thought quack grass had no value.

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