where can I get free pallets?

mikta(Z4 MT)July 19, 2005

can I just get them like at home depot or other stores with a garden center? Will the stores actually give away the pallets?

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I have had the best luck with stores that carry things like garden tractors and other heavy equipment that comes from abroad. Lots of places are now using plastic reuseable pallets but call around paint stores and equipment places to see if they have a load your own free pallets. I was always amazed at the wonderful woods that were used in China and Belarus for the lowly pallet. If you learn to take them apart carefully, you will have a good deal of useable wood. Years ago we built a hoop style barn with pallets making up the lower walls and it stood up for many years. Good luck.

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the Harley Davidson shop is always putting them out on the road for pickup....and a local hardware store and a mattress company does the same.

Do not pick up ones from buildings being constructed, though, unless you ask the supervisor (not the worker bees). The building supply places usually charge for the suckers and give a rebate when they are returned....Builders do not like paying for pallets.

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I get my free pallets from the local feed & pet supply stores, as they get all their feed, grain, dry pet food, etc., on pallets & normally toss them out.

Another free source I've heard of are newspapers, as they receive their blank newsprint on pallets as well.

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Check craigslist.org for your area. I see them listed on there all the time as free for just picking them up. Or if you don't see any listed, post in the "wanted" area that you are looking for some. Good luck!

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Craigslist.com is an excellent source for free giveaways. Posting a free ad there might be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plastic pallets

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i usually buy remanufactured pallet in very cheap price from Mike's Pallet , they also have new pallets too . cost for remanufactured pallet is around $ 10-13 .. their address 420 Manida Street Bronx , NY 10474 - USA and phone (347) 597-7800 .. you can get great price if you wholesaler

Here is a link that might be useful: Mikes Pallet

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

big corporate offices use a lot of paper - which gets delivered on pallets. They dont care for the pallets, and put them at the dumpster area. Find an office building, find their dumpster door and see if there is someone you can talk to

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Can you please I reciclyn pallets, in my own box truck, jus for make some money and support my family...if do you know any place please let me know at this number 908-590-1958..or 908-342-3782 I can picking up and clean the place thank you.....

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

Try your local pallet company. I work for a pallet company and we buy used 48in x 40in standard size pallets, repair them and sell them (depending on the condition of the pallet) for 5$ - $6. But we also get a lot of odd size pallets from our customers. We cannot resell these and we give them away to anyone who asks for them. It saves us grinding them up and hauling them to the papermills.

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gardenfaerie(z5b Michigan)

In Ann Arbor, MI, Fingerle Lumber gives away pallets. (Anyway, they used to. It's been years since I got any, though.)

Maybe a similar store in your town?

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Lots of furniture stores have them. I use them for compost bins, wood for raised beds, garden fences, etc. I now take them apart and use the wood in many ways. Often, screws instead of nails are used so I end up with lots of useable hardware as well. Since we have a wood stove, broken unused pieces and extras are utilized as well. We have an old stove top oven and it's fun on a Sunday afternoon to roast a chicken using the heat from free wooden pallets to both keep us warm and to cook our dinner. Talk about frugal.

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