To kill a grapevine

llbean(z5 MI)August 14, 2005

I have a grapevine that I think has been at this house since Moses.. anyway I want it out.. It has invaded everything and climbed everything.. I have ripped most of what I can out but I want to get the ground back too.. there are these woody fibrous roots growing everywhere.. I really want to use the space and son't want to do the chemical thing but I am getting a back ache and desparate..

any suggestions


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Tyrell(Zone 9, CA)

I have a grapevine that I want out..
I really want to use the space and don't want to do the chemical thing but I am getting a back ache and desparate..
any suggestions


A completely non-chemical,organic method would be to cover the area with a good, thick layer of newspapers, and cover them with enough grass clippings, leaves, or other organic material to hide the papers. This method can be used to kill virtually any undesired plant.
Soak the papers in a wheelbarrow or bucket first, so they'll be heavier and stay in place better. And it would be best not to use slick parts of the paper with a lot of color in them, especially if you plan to grow food crops in that area. Some colors may contain harmful chemicals.
Not only will this kill the grape, roots and all, but it will improve your soil. And if you wanted to plant something new in the area say next Spring, you can simply dig through the mulch and papers with a hand trowel and stick in the plants.
Easy, free, and it improves your soil!

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