Purchasing 4.5 acres need suggestions

deep_south_gardener(z9b)August 31, 2009

Hey ya'll,

My hubby and I are purchasing 4.5 acres of land.

Half is planted in pine and the other half is

pasture. I need suggestions for inexpensive

fencing, and gardening. Any help will be



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What is the existing fencing on the pasture?

What are you planning to keep in the pasture?

Where do you live?

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Hey lazygardens,
The only fence on the property at the moment is
along the left side dividing our property from
the neighbor on the left. Everything else is open.
There are currently no neighbors on three sides.
Just across the street. We will probably use
some of the pasture to plant a garden. No plans
for animals at this time. The property is in
Mississippi. I read a little bit about using
wooden pallets for a picket fence. That
might be nice across the front but not for the side
or back of the property. I think we may also need
something tall around the garden to keep out
deer. I've been looking on line and it's just
so expensive. Thanks for your help.


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So, you're just fencing in the yard for privacy and a garden? Have you thought of something you could grow vines against? I've used metal posts (like the kind for livestock electric fence...about $3 a piece) and rolls of wire with the 2" x 4" grid (it's sometimes called hogwire) and wired it to the posts. If you use posts every 6' or so it should be pretty sturdy. It works best on a flat area but a slight slope is okay.

To keep deer out, you really need an eight foot fence with deer fencing and an electric wire on top...at least around here. I don't have that kind of money and I don't like the way it looks, so I use flowers and herbs that deer don't like and hide my roses behind them. So far, that's worked, but I only have them against the house. Lots of flowers are deer resistant and lavender is a great choice for an edger. I use Hidcote lavender and that works really well. I did have roses in a garden in the side yard which they found and snacked on, but I moved them to the front garden and put blueberry bushes in the same holes. The next time they tried snacking, they didn't seem to like them nearly as much. I haven't seen any missing branches since :)

Good luck with your new property and post pictures when you get started. Before and after are always great!

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Well, welcome to the wonderful world of small-scale farming! We bought our 9 1/2 acres here in Central Texas two years ago and have never in our lives been so happy (and tired!).
Cheap fencing doesn't exist. The previous suggestion of hogwire and T-posts is about as inexpensive as you can go and have something that will last more than two seasons. May I suggest that you decide where you want or need to fence and do that first, then add to your fencing as your needs grow. If there is a fencing company in your area, they may have cedar privacy fencing for sale cheap (damaged/old fences they take down or shorts). When you get around to fencing your perimeter, see if the contingent land owners will go halvsies with you on the cost. Just make sure that everyone involved knows who is responsible for maintaining the fence.
Gardening--it is a joy! I'd suggest preparing your bed this fall and winter by removing grass and amending the soil after you have it tested. You'll be able to plan the garden this winter and plant in the spring.
Deer don't like rosemary and it is a beautiful and useful plant. Also, fur balls placed strategically around your garden will deter deer and other pests. A fur ball is the toe of a nylon stocking stuffed with dog fur (not poodles, they have hair and it doesn't work for some reason), tied to a stick and stuck in the ground. The fur balls have to be renewed every six weeks or so. Are you planning on getting a hairy dog? If not, a grooming parlor will donate, gladly! Human hair also works, so it's either a buzz cut or find a barber/beauty salon that will save clippings for you.
Taking apart pallets to get the wood to make a fence, then installing it isn't worth the effort. Pallet wood is not the best, and somehow it always looks like it belongs on a pallet.
If you want to see our Red Gate farm visit us at www.rgf-tx.com and see how two people in early senility are spending their golden years with chickens, bees and a pond! We also have a free monthly newsletter that you can sign up for--we aren't selling anything and will keep your e-mail address confidential. The newsletter has gardening tips, recipes, an "herb of the month" and nature news.We just want to share the joy!

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In Mississippi , pallets will rot in no time . Stay away from wood altogether .
I agree that good fence is not cheap . But if done properly and using good quality materials , your fence will last a very long time .
I should know . I am a cattle rancher on 165 acres in Florida .

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Thanks so much everyone. I guess the first area
we need to focus on would be around the veggie
garden to keep out unwanted guest. I'll keep
ya'll posted.


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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

Hi Brenda,
In my area the big box stores often run a special where you can buy materials and if they are paid off in 12 months you don't pay interest. Would that help? Chain link lasts a very long time and you can grow beans, peas, cucumbers, etc on it and also tie tomatoes to it as they grow taller. Another poster mentioned hair to deter deer. I have also heard that strong smelling soap like Irish Spring can be shaved into the toe of nylons and hung on fencing to deter deer. You are so lucky to have some land of your own. I have a wonderful yard in the city with many flower beds but envy someone with so much room. Enjoy your new place:)

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

A living willow fence could be part of the solution, especially if you're willing to take the time to grow the whips youself.

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Hi deep south...we have 16+acres so I know exactly what you are talking about. One side of ours was already fenced by a neighbor, he had horses. On the other side we have some really nasty neighbors who were using our land any old time they wanted...storing their junk, driving over it, stealing my pecans, hung a swing in one of our trees...soooo, we have started fencing that side. Since we can't afford to do it all at once, we are doing it in pieces. The first parts are so they can't cross the property line and just help themselves. Forgot to say that she ran her lawnmower over the line & mowed off a pampas grass I had planted a couple of months before...it was 5' from the line!

One little deteriant I have been using for deer seems to be working. We fenced our garden patch last spring...with posts that were about 12-18" taller than the fence wire. My DH then ran a heavy wire on the tops of the posts all the way around. I use 2 old (or blank) CDs, shiny side out, tied together with fishing line. I tie a fishing line swivel on above the CDs and more line above that. Then I tied them to that wire strung on the fence posts. They twirl in the wind & swivel all directions. Since my area has NO light sources at night to make them shiny...I bought several of those solar sidewalk lights & put all around the perimiter...so far it is working.

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Barb wire is the cheapest, barrier Âpeople stopper.


Some helpful links




Livestock fence



Plastic deer fence


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You may have solved the fence problem by now, but I have OFTEN seen used chain link on Craigslist (though I'm not in your area) for free. If you take it down, you can take it home. Sometimes it's already down and rolled up. Can't beat the price!


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genoprizebull(6 Akron NY)

Cat lady is right ,I often see free chainlink on craigs list.I also can tell you that a single strand aluminum electric fence we use for our horses does not stop deer.What about taking up deer hunting? Good luck

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I forgot in my earlier post...most areas have an ag publication. You could probably find out how to get it from your farm bureau. Anyway, lots of farmers put ads in there for fencing materials and they are usually pretty good prices.
We got some metal fence posts for $1.50 ea. thru ours.

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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. We will
keep ya'll posted. Work on the property
continues. We have water and electricity.
Septic is next. So far we have good neighbors.
I pray that continues. I'll check out
craigs list and the home improvement stores
for sales and no interest offers.

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OMGOSH ! Please keep adding to this thread! I am so envious! I live on a small city lot -- mostly sloped, so am constantly trying to "manufacture" soil for rock terraces. Anyway .... best wishes for your efforts.

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