Homemade fertilizer recipe

peppergrowman09September 23, 2009

Things you need.

Banana peels

Grass Cuttings

Carrot tops

other vegescraps.

4 gallon of water

Mix the vegescraps with water let sit for 4 days.Stir the

mix daily afterwards strain the mix and it makes the best fertilizer ever.

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Yes, if you like reeking, rotting things in water.

Burying the scraps in the garden will provide more nutrition with less smell.

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yup that works to ,as well as fish scraps in the ground too. But if you stirr it it wont smell bad as i've noticed. If you dont then ,it i'l stink tu high heaven. But any way u put it is some damn good fertilizer. Thanx for the reply.

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Peppergrowman, thanks for the recipe.

What are the proportions of scraps to water?

And - how often do you water with that?

Are the ingredients mandatory, or could I improvise? Let's say I don't have banana peels - could they be omitted?

Thanks again, I'm always looking for "free" ways to grow my veggies. :)

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it doesn't matter how often you put the emulsion on your plants . I just eye ball it all. It also helps to add two tbsp's of mollases.Yeah you could omit anything mix all sorts of stuff. Once i only used hibiscus flowers and it was some greatest stuff ever.

there you have it.

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Hey, I have a question. When I open a can of green beans, or corn, I have started to save the water from the cans and started pouring them on the houseplants. Wow! Did I see a happy plant! Sometimes I pour a bit of watered-down cold tea with regular sugar that had been dissolved on them. Zap! They like that, too. When I cook fresh vegetables, I am now saving the water that the veggies were cooked in, potatoes and yams, and using that as garden water, too. What do you think?

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What do you think?

The water from canned veggies might eventually kill your plants because it's usually loaded with sodium (salt). I always drain and rinse any canned veggies because of that reason.

On the other hand, cooking fresh veggies without salt then pouring the cooled water on your plants is great. Lots of nutrients are in that broth.

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I've got a 5gal bucket in a sunny spot in the garden. Deposit water from pre-washing/rinsing dishes [b4 diswasher], leftover coffee, blended vegetable peels,cores,etc- weevily grains - burnt toast -- paper towels -- extra sourdough bits - about anything from the kitchen ... I stir it each time I walk by -- when it looks 'right' I pour off a bit of 'brew', dilute with water and pour on veg/flower beds. Every so often I empty the whole bucket and start over -- notice that worms love the spots where I bury this sludge.

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