Home Depot Clearance - 1 penny items?

kandm(8b coastal alabama)September 22, 2008

I came across an interesting conversation about mark downs at Home Depot. From what I understand there are a series of mark downs of items throughout the year, after a while the ones which don't sell are marked down to a penny in the store computer system. A list is printed out so the employees can pull the items, but some stores are very slow to do this. Consumers often have a chance to check the item out when it's in the computer marked at a penny. I've never heard of this put apparently it's been going on for years. Has anyone else heard of this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot B&M clearance : Huge list of Penny items HomeDepot

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Well, I never heard of it before. However, I did look at the link. It was very interesting. Too bad I don't have any need for any of it. LOL.


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I did get a large number of these plants earlier in the summer from Home Depot here in Newmarket Canada

I couldn't believe it

Canna Lilies, Hostas, Lilies, Astilbies, Iris little Japanese Iris

Now most of them where not in mint shape. And where quite a few that I didn't take that where totally of no use

But I must have taken at least thirty plants and most of them made it.

I brought up to the cashier about five of them thinking they where 75% off.

But when the cashier put them through, came up at .01 cent.

I said it must be a mistake but she said no it isn't

So I went back and got more.
She said on her break she was going to have alook at them as well

First time I had ever came across this and it was not posted on a sign at all.

Probably unusual

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