frugal hyacinth forcing vases

buffiewillis(anderson sc)October 14, 2005

I am looking for a frugal way of forcing hyacinth bulbs in water instead of spending a ton of money buying the special vases...any ideas? Also will I have to cool them with the water in a dark cool place???

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debbie_sw_ok(z7 OK)

I use a regular vase that I fill with those decorative glass marbles. The bulb rests on the marbles so it's out of the water.

I keep the vase in my refrigerator for about 4 weeks.

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Using the glass marbles toi hold the roots opens up all sorts of possibilities.

It doesn't have to be a vase. You can use a jar. A little tist of raffia around the lip, to cover up the screw thread and -- voila -- worthy of centerpiece.

And it doesn't have to be glass. I've used vases, decorative tins -- all sorts of containers!

Altho' if you like the traditional hyacinth jars, you might check your local thrift shop. For some reason I always see a bunch of the traditional clear glass ones with the raised diamond pattern, for 25 cents or so.

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buffiewillis(anderson sc)

Allison and Debbie thank you so much for helping with the hyacinth delima. I can use both of those ideas!!!

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suzieh(z9 Altadena CA)

I have used pebbles in a bonsai dish for my daffodils.
The black smooth rocks would look great. I bet sea glass
would look nice too. I think I got idea from Smith & Hawken catalog or store?

Here's their link:
Click on Plants (you'll see a picture right away)


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My Mom always used rather flat pottery type dishes of varied shapes w/bulbs sat on small stones. These dishes were also used for flower arrangements with a steel pin or glass "frog" set on the bottom. She always grew bulbs in them and our house smelled sooo sweet!

I still have some of her old "frogs" & more I've collected.


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You don't need special vases. Go to the craft store and they will have plenty of suitable vases for $2 or less. Anything that holds the bulbs above water will work.

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Mason/preserve jars, net pots (multi-holed pots, various sizes, buy at any garden/hydro shop), place net pot, usually a 3.5 or 4" fits into the mouth of jar, voila el cheapo water garden!

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