It's been a frugal sort of day!

alison(6b/OH)October 9, 2005

Out on my morning walk this morning, I filled six envelopes with seeds from a dwarf rudbeckia, nicotiana, 3 kinds of cosmos, and a lovely variety of castor bean.

Cutting thru the park on the way home I passed the recycling dumpsters. And there was a stack of maybe 20-25 2- and 5-gallon black plastic pots, and an enormous black plastic half barrel. I came back with the car and picked them all up except the barrel, and I may go back for that if it's still there.

Picked up several crazy daisies and penstemons in gallon pots at Lowes for $1 each. Then scored some primroses, a corkscrew rush, and several annuals loaded with seeds 4/$1 and my neighborhood place.

Then -- find of finds! -- walking back from the grocery store I found 4 10' lengths of 1/2" copper pipes stacked with construction debris behind someone's carriage house. I almost felt bad about that one, since I can't imagine anyone would throw out copper pipe, but there they were. And now they're mine.

And will make such a fabulous trellis for my front yard!!

And best of all, all this finding and planning prevented me from doing the laundry, the vacuuming or any of the mundane indoor tasks I hate!

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

Wow! What a great day! Well, tomorrow is trash day, and I'm off work so I'll be out and about scouting for garden stuff.

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suzieh(z9 Altadena CA)

I'm drooling over your copper pipes:0)

Isn't taking a walk great! I went for my daily walk 2 days ago and came home with 3 of the TALL tomato cages. Neighbor did put out on top of her cans hoping for someone like me to walk by LOL. And got a bunny/Easter yard stake that was missing a carrot or two.

Yesterday, I grabbed two kinds of sage seeds from Downtown Los Angeles. And I was able to get 3 kinds of morning glory seeds from the plants growing at the local community garden.

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

What do you guys do with copper pipes, just curious..

I've had a wonderfully frugal day, myself! At the local Fred Meyer plant clearance, I got: 1 Bugle-weed perennial, 1 Denver Blue Sedge grass, 3 "fiber-optic" grass (Scirpus Cenuus), 2 red heuchera all for $1 each...and 1 gallon-pot Orange Sedge for $2, for a grand total of $9.

Yesterday was good too, at the local Home & Garden Show!
All the plants were SO AMAZING, and I don't know the names of half of them. The only thing stopping me from buying everything in sight is that I'm frugal by nature. (pun not intended).

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Isn't it nice when you've been gardening long enough that you can scoop up those bargains because you're always planning for next year? I've lived in apartments for the last 20 years, and it took a long time for me to start assuming I'd be in the same place next growing season.

And now since I've had so much success with winter sowing, I'm even looking at scooping up annuals and keeping them alive for another month or so just to harvest the seeds!

Undercover_owl, I'm using the copper pipe to make trellises. I've made a few for friends, using plumbing pipe, a cheap pipe cutter, and T's and elbow attachments. I've also used the flexible 1/4" piping to make curls and fancy shapes to solder in the spaces between the bars.

I've long been thinking about making a fancy arch over the central staircase to my apartment building, from porch to porch. I'd still have to buy another 2 10' lengths (at about $8 each), but this gives me plenty to work on this winter!

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Betz11(8 UT)

I wish you could draw us a picture. I haven't the least idea how to make a trellis.

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This is very similar to the pair I'm going to make for the front.

2 elbow fittings and 26 Ts!

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

I got a whole lots of plants at the recycling center! Some idiots thought pots were compost material so some came with the original pots. Tuberous begonia, Dusty Miller, New Guinea Impatiens, lots of regular impatiens, red geranium, some spiky and some trailing plants, quite a haul.

The really odd thing is that Dusty Miller is perennial in my area so why would someone throw out 2 pots of it?!? Lucky me.


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marie99(z8 SC)

Mums are perennial here, and I just got 2 huge ones in cracked pots on trash day. Because if the pot starts falling to bits, the plant is no good either.

I love trash day.

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