growing a date tree?

jflo(CA z9)November 11, 2004

I was reading about growing things from the grocery store and got inspired when i noticed some dates in the back of my fridge i got at the farmer's market a few weeks back. Does anyone know how i could start one of the seeds? i'm a newbie w/o much experience with seeds, although i'm okay at propagating easy things. i've got some garlic (although i think i'll have to settle for the leaves in this climate)

i understand the plant probably won't fruit (from what i've gathered need male and female plants) but i thought it would be cool to try to grow a little palm from a seed. i do everything in containers anyway (apt dweller) so i don't need to worry about things getting out of control ever.

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I have done this with Medjool dates I bought at the grocery store and if I can do it anyone can.Soak the seeds in water for 24-48 hours. Drain and wrap seeds in a damp paper towel. Put in a ziplock bag in a warm place till sprouts appear. Plant in pots just below the surface, water lightly, and keep warm. I have five growing in my backyard.

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jflo(CA z9)

Thanks so much - that is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I'm a bit concerned about the ziplock - newbie here. Don't they need air? About how long does it take for sprouts to appear?

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If I remember correctly, I kept the bag closed with the seeds wrapped up in a barely dampened paper towel and the roots appeared in a week or two.The roots pop out of white bumps that form. Once the roots are out I planted them in a really good potting soil just under the surface.Keep moist but don't overwater.

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jflo(CA z9)

Cool - i had managed to find info on ziploc germination, but then was wondering how far down to plant a date seed since they're kind of big. So thanks for the answer and i'm crossing my fingers.

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You can probably plant dates outside in your zone. Just plant them a little bit below the soil. Sometimes they mold with the baggie method & store bought dates can be slower to germinate. If you can find seasonal fresh dates in local stores they germinate quickly in moist Perlite. Dates are slow growing & containers are best for starting to contain the roots. Another idea is to go the various ethnic stores in your area & buy different varieties of dates. Some of the imported dates are unusual varieties, & they can also germinate.

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I put about 5-6 medjool date seeds in a wet paper towel and put it in a small ziploc in a sunny window. It has been six weeks and the leaves of two seeds are about to run out of room.

Does anyone have recommendations for what type of pot, watering, humidity, fertilizer, etc.? They will be grown in an apartment in a sunny window. Thanks!

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

I have access to lots of palm seeds that I'll do for postage if anyone's interested. I can get queen palms and dwarf pygmy dates.

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Brooklyngardener, they can stay in a gallon pot the first year. Dates are commercially grown in the desert, but I have found the young ones in pots need extra water. I put my young ones in shade, but they will probably need as much sun as possible in your area. Feed them palm food. Humidity is not necessary, but you can let the soil dry out & water again. The leaves will dehydrate if the plant become too dry; just watch them for hydration.

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Hi all.

My name is Linda. I am new to this form.

I bout a date tree about 6 weeks ago. I do not know the correct term for the leaves.
What should I do about dead leaves on bottom of my date tree?

Thanks Linda

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The dates don't even have to be fresh. I have germinated date stones from those dried sticky ones that come packed in boxes. I've done them in pots in a warm cupboard but have also had the occasional one come up in the garden from stones that had been put on the compost heap. Of course they do not survive a UK winter outdoors but it's interesting to see them sprout.

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I've mannaged to get the date seeds to sprout,not in a gallon pot,
do I need to switch pots already, or can they wait until spring of 2012? They will be indoor plants as I live in Pa. and it just gets too darn cold here!Will I be able to put them outside when it warms up and if so,how warm must it be outside for them to flourish? Must you have 2 date trees in order for them to pollinate?Must the humidity be high in winter indoors? Help please! I really want to grow these trees!

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the soil required, space between the size of the trench

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Nancy - Dates take 15 or so years to reach maturity, and untikl then you don't know if you have male or female.

Good luck.

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I just bought some fresh dates at the local store by chance. Never b4 I knew what they were like when fresh. I think it tastes better when ripe. As I'm typing this I already have one seed planted. I hope they will grow as said. I'm going to plant some more when I'm done typing. :)))

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Mine is from a dry date. Had it for 3 years, still very small. I planted the seeds in a flower pot (with a house plant) and forgot about them by the time it sprouted.

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Hi guys, I've read your posts and have some bad and good news for you all. Although you can plant dates trees using dates seeds the quality of the tree and the fruit will be very, in %99. Dates trees are bread using male and female trees (just like humans). So, for those of you who have planted dates trees using a seed don't have high hopes. Having said all that, scientists have been able to genetically breed dates trees in labs and you are all better off just buying these genetically modified trees. Dates trees have more than 600 different types and you can get a tree from the lab for any of these 600 types. Also and more importantly, instead of waiting between 4-8 years for the dates tree to mature and start giving fruit, the lab dates trees mature in about 2-3 years and you can get fruit that soon from your own tree. I hope that helps

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It is not called date tree. It is palm tree. To grow one from seeds probably it will need 5 years to produce. Yes it needs pollination and is done by hand. There are male trees and female trees. My Dad has 50 female trees and 2 male trees that is enough for pollination. Some trees can reach 60 feet high. Once established it does not need any care at all except pollination, collecting the dates and some pruning. No disease or spray to wary about except the wasb and the birds. They love to snack on sugary dates.

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My dad has two dates, one normal and one pygmy. We've owned them for over ten years, but they've never flowered. We keep them indoors in zone 9.

What's wrong with them?

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I put about 8 date seeds that I bought from the shop. I ate the dates but didn't want to waste the seeds so did what everyone says n put In damp kitchen roll into reveal bag and put in the airing cupboard which is very cosy, and guess what, nothing,Bill,nada, forget it. Not to be out done bought more dates. About 6 I think, cleaned properly as last time and put in a tub of damp spagnum moss and bingo ,now have 5 healthy germinating dates. Am leaving for a little while longer then will transfer to my own growing mix. Fingers crossed hey.

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I'm so jealous, you guys have date palms in your yards, ha ha! I have grown seeds for a few years, generally they live for 2 years and then just decide to die. I throw date pits in a pot that has a living one in it, water it sometimes and then they eventually grow. I've heard that in Arabia they roast the pits for a coffee substitute. Maybe I should do that instead............

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