Indoor plant hanging ideas

barb_bronze(z7 DC)November 14, 2004

I salvaged several giant Boston ferns and was given another trailing, huge plant that couldn't stay outdoors. I've been trying to come up with ideas to deal with them inside without putting holes in the walls or ceiling.

Surprizingly, tension pole hangers are hard to get these days other than on the net. Besides, I'm frugal.

So I was glancing through items on a recycling website when I saw someone giving away an IV pole before she dumped it. My one-track mind thought of it as an indoor plant hanger.

Is this weird, or inspired?

Do any of you have any other suggestions for frugal and non-damaging ways to keep huge, trailing plants indoors where (of course) space is at a premium?


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muddy2shoes(8B Houston TX)

After I stopped laughing, I realized you've found the perfect plant hanger. You could paint it so that it's not instantly recognizable as an IV pole, or just wrap the ivy round it. Next time I throw out "junk" you'll be the first one I call. Louise

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barb_bronze(z7 DC)

I'm so disappointed. She didn't respond and pulled her post. I probably insulted her. Oh, well. Maybe I'll find another one :-)

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gardenfaerie(z5b Michigan)

I've heard of people using old wooden ladders outdoors as plant stands--I wonder whether that would work indoors for you?


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njcher(Zone 6)

I, too, have many plants that I would love to winter over but I have the same problem you do. I very much dislike the idea of putting holes in my walls or ceiling to hang these plants.

One relatively small investment I made was four or five columns like the one in the picture below:

In the winter I take the columns inside and put them near the windows. Each one holds a trailing plant and it looks nice. While this column is not an inexpensive one, I did purchase some that look pretty good for about $13 each.

I also shop yard sales for items that can be used as plant stands--tall, narrow items. I've found stools that will sell for as much as $20-30 in a store for $3.


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gardenfaerie(z5b Michigan)


Cats are all members of the human anti-literacy campaign. Some are more into than others. My old cat Penelope must have been the founder of the idea, and I see Mitzi is a strong proponent as well. :)


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wildrose_SoCal(SoCal, 9b)

How about a tension shower rod? They sell for about $15 at Home Depot. You could drill near the 'top' and install a side-swinging hanger.


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barb_bronze(z7 DC)

You guys are good! I knew I came to the right place to ask. I can use all these ideas (except I can't have a cat where I live).

Now I just have to scrounge the recycling websites for a few more items . . .

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barb_bronze(z7 DC)

So this weekend, I searched the sites for free ladders and columns. None, and if there ever had been any, the posts were gone. (Lots of old posts with taken stuff never get deleted from some sites.)

Then what do you know. Sunday night, there it was - a 5ft wooden stepladder newly listed. WOW! So I emailed, only half-hoping for a response.

The guy called me today, and he wants me to have it.

I must have done something right some time or other.

And, of course, I'll also use it for its intended purpose as well.

I still wanted to ask if anyone had an IV pole, but today a lady posted asking for one for her cat. No kidding. She says her 15 year old cat needs constant fluids, so she needed an IV pole. In one whole year, one offer for a pole and one request, both within a week. Oh, well.

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Let's see - it's been about 3 years since the last tension rop post - has anyone come across them recently? I saw one at a house I looked at and I've been looking for one ever since. No luck yet.

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Lusi - If you are talking about the shower tension rods, I have 2 of them in my shower. They run the length of the shower (around 72" I think). I know I've seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, probably also at Linens and Things, WalMart, etc. Some even come in colors, or you can get colored plastic covers that just slip over the rod.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower tension rods @ JCP

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After looking everywhere for the floor to ceiling tension pole plant hangers of the 60's/70's, I finally called Vermont country store catalog and put in a request. They are known for carrying hard to find items and the person I spoke with remembered them. She took down my name, etc and all of the details of the plant poles. She said she couldn't promise anything but it sounded like the type of thing they'd like to find especially when I told her how many people are looking for them to no avail. She also said it could take 6mos to a year or two once they get a request and research it.

At least there's hope!


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Look for an old bird cage stand without the bird cage (the kind the bird cage hangs from), they would work well for holding a hanging plant indoors or out. I'm sure people would be happy to get rid of them on freecycle or other similar sites.

I also have a tension rod thing for my shower that has shelves on it. I think I got it at Walmart in the bathroom stuff department (lol - where you would find towel bars, toothbrush holders, etc.). It is similar to the tension rod hanging plant holder that everyone is talking about but instead of the arms to hang the plants on, it has wire shelves.

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parker806(zone 8 GA)

i just bought 2 of the outdoor hanger racks used for gourd birdhouses. i put one in the ground outside as it had a round base and the other has a cross base and i brought it inside in the (sun room) at the east side of the house and am going to use it this fall and winter. it holds 8 plants and will work just fine if you have the room. i also have an old IV pole with a base that will hold 2 more. thanks

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dellingd(z7a OK)

I have used two old step ladders with half of an extension ladder stretching between them. Laid the extension ladder flat on top so I could hang plants from the rungs and the sides. This worked great for the hanging plants and used the floor for potted plants. When I watered the hanging plants I had the potted plants situated under each hanging plant so they drained into the potted plants on the floor. Had florescent lights hanging vertically on the outside of the step ladders and two laying on top of the extendion ladder.
Worked great for me.


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My mom's baths had trim work around the top of the showers. Dad took a sturdy piece of trim, put 10 penny nails in it at regular intervals, and then bent them with pliers. Come winter, Mom simply declared one bath to be off limits to bathing, and put her nail board up, then hung her plants from the nails. Worked wonderfully, and kept them away from pets!

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I bought a roll-around clothing rack for my laundry room, but it was to big for the room. So have been using it as extra closet space in the guest room. Think I'll hang some plants off of it instead and see how it looks. Theres a wide wire rack above the hanging area, that I think would let me set some plants above the hanging ones.

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I need to replace my Telescopic plant poles. Spring tension at top to floor. Mine has 4 adjustable arms to hang plants on.They are great for inside and takes up very little fioor space. Please Bob

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I am looking for idea for my new indoor plants... I want to put them in my kitchen by my windows... between the counters and the ceiling... w/out holes.... (Just had the kitchen re-done, so... I want it to look nice too...) I am just now trying (again) to get plants to live... can use all the help I can get! THANKS!

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We took 2 rubbermaid type wire closet shelves, flipper them so the lip edgin is facing up, tie wrapped them together to create a sturdy wide shelf. It is suspended by chains at each corner to hooks put in the floor joists of the upper floor (my laundry room ceiling is left open to access water pipes etc.) The wire shelf is directly under fluorescent tube lights and with the chains I can raise or lower it as needed. It houses geraniums, seedlings, calla lilies, mini roses etc. - whatever I have kept inside.

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I have an outdoor, black, wrought iron, plant hanger that has a wide base and it gets cleaned up and indoors for the winter. Wish I had bought another one! It holds 4 plants beautifully. And I love the IV pole idea!

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