what to do with my unplanted bulbs???

alwaysintroubleDecember 17, 2009

In central PA and the nights are currently in the mid 20 to 30 degree range.

I have some leftover spring to early summer bulbs that I ran out of weekends to get planted. Tulips, hyacinth, and others. Any suggestions to get something out of these?

Can I pot them up and store them indoors? leave them potted but outside to freeze? Put them in my fridge and then plant later this winter and grow indoors??? I tried to search here but I could not find any ideas to salvage these bulbs.

Any suggestions appreciated!


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Well, here in warm Texas, I'd plant 'em, but I don't think that information will help you "up there"!

Gardenweb has an excellent Bulbs Forum;
if you'll post over there, I bet some of the very knowledgeable people on that forum will help you.

Best luck, & have fun!

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Read up on forcing bulbs. You could have lovely pots of flowers in the spring.

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