Winecrisp and Goldrush?

angmnelson(5)January 28, 2014

I'm having a terrible time picking apple trees to plant and wondered about this combo? Lots of good reviews on goldrush but haven't heard much about winecrisp, though the description sounds like what I'm looking for, it blooms at a similar time, and it's not a triploid!

I was also interested in "wealthy" but it might bloom too early to pollinate goldrush? I only have room for 2 or at the most 3 trees.

Also wondered if goldrush would be too late for me---can you pick apples after it frosts? I seem to see them still hanging on the trees . . . How cold is too cold?

Thank you---

Thank you, Angela

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A frost won't hurt Apples. Several hard freezes will. Say down into the 20's several nights. If you have room to plant an edible type Crab Apple Tree, you might want to. They usually pollinate about every variety of apple. I did this and it works.

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From what I've read, GR needs a long growing season. If you are really in zone 5, you are at the edge of it. I ordered mine for this spring. Even in my zone 6, I probably won't be able to harvest it until Nov.

If you see crab apple around, you don't need to worry about cross pollination. It'll be taken care of.

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