mulberry tree fruiting order

yawineyJanuary 30, 2013

Which fruits earlier, the Illinois Everbearing or the Black Beauty?
I want to deter birds from my cherries in a new orchard. I can not find info on this in my area. My location is Sebastopol, CA. The IE I would have to order so I am leaning toward the Black Beauty since ther are 3" thick large bare root trees available locally.
if you don't know my area just which one is earlier starting would be very helpful. Thanks in adv.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I'm not familiar with Black Beauty but Illinois Everbearing bears through a long period, and it can fruit again towards the end of summer.

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You want to offer the mulberries as a sacrifice??? The horror!
Since I think mulberries are yummier than cherries I can't imagine this, but Black Beauty is a Morus Nigra, so it will start later (June-July) than the Illinois, which I think is an Alba cross. BB will fruit throughout summer though, which Illinois will not. So it all depends on when your cherries arrive. For taste, plant the Black Beauty, since Morus Nigras are the most delicious of fruit, like a cross of blackberries and merlot wine.

Carla in Sac

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Yawiney, I agree with Carla that the berries of Black Beauty (or probably any Morus nigra) are far to precious to waste on the birds. I also find that the are very well concealed under the large, thick, and slightly drooping leaves, so the birds are not as keen for them as they are for some other mulberries. In my area they fruit a good month or even two after most cherries.

In my area any Morus alba will fruit around the same time as cherries, and it may be advantageous to get one that will produce white fruit so that the poop from the birds eating all those berries instead of the cherries won't stain everything. A named cultivar would not be necessary though, and might cost more.

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