white carolina (heirloom strawberry)

swaineJanuary 10, 2010


has anyone ever grown this veriety or have any knowledge or experiance of it, its very very old, think it dates back to the 1700s

we dont have a supplier for it in the uk,

its small fruiting, white cream in colour, looks delicious,

reproduces by runners,

(have no other info on it, not sure if its a selection from the white fruited chile strawberry or other parentage,

regards stew

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I'm not sure if this store ships to the UK, but you might as well give it a try. I've used this store before and they are the best place to get alpines or heirloom strawberries.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Strawberry Store

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unfortunatly they dont ship plants, only seeds to the uk, possibly the best place for alpines and wild strawberries anywere in the world,
ive noticed they stock white carolina, which makes it more frustrating i cant get hold of it, many thanks

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No problem. It's unfortunate that they don't sell the white carolina seed. You should e-mail Mike, who runs that website and see if you can arrange something. It's worth a shot.

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yeah ive tried mike, hes very good, but explained when all the regulations came through about shipping, and its seeds only to the uk, strcitly no plants, would be worth a go from seed, possibly may come true from seed or very close,
someone once tried to send me some black raspberries from the states and they were confiscated because no pyhto certificate, maybe there worries about soil borne pests and diseases,
thanks stew

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mwellik(z7 DE)

Hi: I'm the Mike that is being referenced in this discussion. I was searching for info on pineberries as they are being called now in Europe and saw this discussion. There are not many references to 'White Carolina' but I just found this one:


All of the 'White Carolina' plants that I have left are needed for the next crop. I am not yet sure what I'm going to do. I have thought about not selling the plants anymore and growing plants just for the fruit. The article that came out in the L.A. Times recently is generating a lot of interest. I'm not sure what to do.

I also have 'White Pine' and a variety called 'White D' which I believe are also pine strawberries or ananas as they are also known. I took some video yesterday of the plants and blooms as well as some of the fruit that is forming. I hope to add them to YouTube soon. My channel on Youtube is gourmetberries.

These strawberries are hybrids so they won't come true from seed. I might grow some of the seeds just to see what will result.

Finally, I cannot ship outside the U.S. I have a seed import permit from the USDA which allows me to import seed from anywhere in the world, and I do. When I asked the USDA person about shipping plants outside the U.S., she said, don't even think about it. That doesn't give me much hope. I am considering contacting a tissue culture lab to see if I can export tissue culture. That is a possibility though I'm sure it is very expensive. I know that strawberry varieties are being brought into the U.S. as tissue culture, why not go out that way too?

Mike Wellik
The Strawberry Store, LLC

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Stew, Lindley American edition (1833) has the following on White Carolina:

  1. DWARF WHITE CAROLINA. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 206.

Fruit large, irregularly ovate, brownish next the sun.
white on the other side, hairy. Seeds scarcely embedded,
prominent, darker than the fruit. -Flesh white, soft, woolly,
with a large core ; flavour indifferent..

This sounds like a match to the pictures of "White Carolina" in the ARS collection. So, this doesn't make White Carolina sound too exciting.

Note that the ARS does send plant material overseas but I'm not sure what credentials you need to get the material through them. The link below has all their white varieties.

Mike, its nice to see you selling some of these very old varieties. I grew out several of them and was surprised at how good tasting they were. My favorite was Suwannee, you should try that one (note it was also one of Darrow's favorites). I never tried any of the white ones at ARS.


Here is a link that might be useful: ARS white strawberries

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I'm not sure what the regulations are regarding shipping plants across borders in Europe, but StrawberryPlants.org has an article on pineberries. They have links to Mike's website (which was mentioned above), but they also have a link to a French site that supposedly sells the plants. It may be easier to get them in the UK from France? The page is here: pineberry pineberries. They have an article on pineberry seeds too, but like Mike mentioned above, the seeds don't grow true. Hope that helps!

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