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patapscomikeJanuary 24, 2014

Thanks to Scott Smith's generosity I've topworked half of a 5 year old semi-dwarf honeycrisp to 4 other apples that should do better in my climate. I want to complete 25% more of the honeycrisp using the branches that I need to prune off my tree anyway.

Should I prune now and store the scions in my fridge until spring, or should I leave the branches in place and then prune and re-attach them on the same day?

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the norm is to prune now and fridge. As far as the graft goes either way is fine, I have done both. But for the tree being pruned, now is best.

I don't think the Honeycrisp sucked due to your climate. It sucked due to Honeycrisp. I did a similar thing to my HC tree to try to make the tree relevant. Keeping some HC on it is a good idea, as it is good apple to have in your mix. It does live up to it'sname it is sweet and crisp. I wish there was a "honeyflavcrisp" that was that sweetness and crispness with a good apple flavor too.

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