Can 2 Fuji apples trees pollinate each other?

keepitlow(6)January 23, 2009

Can 2 Fuji apples trees pollinate each other? Or do I need 2 different varieties of apples to do the job?

And what about pears - 2 different varieties or are 2 of the same OK?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Two trees of the same cultivar is really just one tree with two trunks. If the variety is self-pollinating, you're in business, if the variety is not self-pollinating, 100 of them wouldn't make any difference. Multiple sources list Fuji as self-pollinating and multiple sources list Fuji as not being self fertile. I don't know for sure, but I would guess that the truth lies somewhere in between. Fuji will probably produce a lot better with another variety for a pollinator.

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Yeah, what brandon said. Each Fuji tree is genetically identical to every other Fuji. They are vegetatively propogated. Many plants reject their own pollen because they want to be cross-pollinated only. They want some new genes. So when the pollen from one apple variety hits another tree of the same variety, it correctly identifies the pollen as its own, and rejects it. Unless of course, it is self-fertile, which maybe Fuji is or isn't or is partially.

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Thanks for the education. Never thought about it that way- as just more identical trees. I'm limited on my space but will try to diversify the tree to offer more pollen mixes.

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A simple graft on one of the Fuji's limbs will do the trick. Just get a pollinating scion and then you've got yourself another type of Apple to munch on.
In our pear and apple orchards we seldom have pollinating trees but only a scaffold every 8 or 10th tree in a row

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

The pollinating scaffold may be a great thing in a commercial orchard where you are trying to grow a large amount of one type of apple, but, for the home gardener with room for more than one tree, why stop at just one variety with all the choices out there?

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If you have any flowering crab apples near you those will pollinate your apple trees. I was worried about pollination for my apple tree until I realized the city had planted crab apples all along the street.

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How does the pollination work if the crab tree or other pollination tree is far away and only a little pollen gets to the tree that needs it?

If there is not that much pollen to go round to all the flowers does the tree just need a little pollen on part of it to get the whole tree to make fruit? Or does each flower have to be pollinated to produce the fruit?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Think of plants on a sexual level. There's a reason sex used to be taught using the "birds and the bees". Most flowers have female parts, and male parts. Some unique flowers have just female, and some just male. Then there are whole trees that are female vs. male (i.e. persimmon, mulberry) But for most trees, each flower has both female and male parts. Take apples for an example, when the "ova" is fertilized in the flower, by "male" pollen from another cultivar, the flower produces fruit, nature has run it's course, and the tree is happy, peaceful , satisfied, etc.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

keepitlow: Each flower has to be pollinated. Pollinating one flower won't help any other flower. But Fuji sets so much fruit I don't think you will have a problem.

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Hi, I just got back from the Nursery. The gal there told me that Fuji trees are NOT self-pollinating and that they need another TYPE of apple tree to get them to produce. I have a Granny Smith and was hoping they would work together so I am on the web to research right now. The gal said she was not sure about the Granny Smith, but that Red Delicious are highly recommended for cross-pollination. Oh, and yes, she did mention crab apples as being very effective. Good luck to you!

Karen in NE Oregon

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