Summerstone Nursery?

loneranger_growJanuary 29, 2014

Still checking out online nurseries. Anyone know anything about Summer Stone? Thanks.

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Here is a link that might be useful: Autumn Ridge Nursery, Summerstone Nursery

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That's my first nursery I ordered when I first started growing fruit trees 6-7 years ago. Their trees were pathetic. We did not even bother asking for refund.

Then, I've learned to google Scoop on + the name of the nursery to read reviews. For example, google, "Scoop on Autumnridge nursery."

It works everytime.

Another nursery that often comes up on top of your search engine is Ty-Ty. Try Scoop on them, you'll see.

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Thanks,Glad I asked!

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OMG! I ordered 5 dwarf fruit trees on the Spring of 2008 with them and three trees died in the first year of planting. One apple and one pear is still in my backyard but neither of them has even bloomed yet for once! If they do not flower this coming Spring, I will replace them with new trees. I did not know asking for refund was even an option back then. On the other hand I picked a distressed stella cherry tree from lowes clearance in fall of 2010 and we had first crop this Spring (although the birds got all of them before us), which restored my faith in fruit trees. I also ordered three bare roots from Stark bros this Spring and they all look healthy in my yard.

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