wild raspberry

BriAnDaren Ottawa, On Zone 5January 13, 2014


I have wild raspberries growing along the edge of our property. The berries are sweet and flavourful but very, very small compared to the ones from the grocery store. I was wondering if I dug some up, planted them in my garden and fertilize the heck out of them, would I get bigger berries?

Has anyone done this?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I doubt of they would get bigger, but you might increase production. I always forage wild reds and blacks even though I grow about 20 domestic cultivars.They have a unique taste. I don't grow domestics anywhere near the wild ones, but brought in other wild berries to grow in my naturalized forest-edge garden. Thimbleberry, wine berry etc.

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You would get bigger or longer or more canes, but not bigger berries. Many wild plants prefer poor soil conditions, so I wouldn't go overboard on fertilizer.

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BriAnDaren Ottawa, On Zone 5

Thanks for the feedback. It seems there's little to be gained by cultivating wild berries.

I don't have the option of keeping domestics far away from these wild berries as they also grow on my adjacent neighbor's property.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"don't have the option of keeping domestics far away "

I would try anyway! Plants are fairly cheap.
At Indiana Berry they cost about $3.50 each. Oh you're in Canada. Nevermind!
My family still says the wild raspberry jam I made this year (I used a mixture of reds and blacks) was the best jam I ever made. So even though in the city I grow domestics, i still forage the wilds, blackberries too, but they are not as good. The wild raspberries taste nothing like domestics.The wild mulberries I forage are to die for too. Thye are my favorite. Not that good just eating, OK, but in jam or syrup, wow!

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