Summerstone Nursery or Burgess Nursery

strawberryjohnjohnJanuary 26, 2011

Has anyone bought dwarf fruit trees from Summerstone or Burgess ? I want to buy 30 dwarf fruit trees but I don't know which nursery to deal with. thanks JOHN

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misterbaby(7a/b TN)

Both have many bad reviews on Garden Watch. Look elsewhere. Misterbaby.

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kansasapple(KS 5/6)

What types of fruit are you wanting to buy? Knowing the rootstock is key. If the nursery says an apple tree is just "dwarf" instead of on "Bud 9" you really don't know how to care for the tree.

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Misterbaby thanks so much for your help. after reading about both on garden watch I would never buy from eather one. thanks again...JOHN

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Autumn Ridge is now doing business as Summerstone. I lost almost $70. Everything was dead when it arrived. No customer service.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summerstone

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If summerstone is Autumn Ridge...RUN!!!!! they are just as bad as Ty Ty! Care for some roots with that order!? your stuff will either die or not be what you ordered. there return policy is a joke, where you pay to return the dead plant and pay shipping + 25% for the new one, just good money after bad.

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do not trust either nursery. i have ordered from both, and have been very disappointed in items i received. out of 28 trees from burgess i now have 5 living, and from 14 from summerstone 1 remains alive. not happy with either. from now on i will go to local nurseries and pay the extra to know who i am dealing with. neither company will replace trees no matter what their policy says. i sent in the origial shipping label and they lost it. if you do buy from them, make sure you certify the return of the shipping label, and not be a trusting person like i was. good luck.

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wow... Just read the threads on summerstone . That is the worst set of reviews I have ever seen! even the neutral posts are awful. Now then, does anyone know of a good place to buy a few dwarf fruit trees?

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3 years ago I had recently lost my job to illness and was in remission, money was tight of course but I desperately needed to do something to take my mind off of all the stress & though its hard work I loved to garden & saw it as nurturing, constructive & therapeutic.
For years I had wanted and tried without success to grow a flowering dogwood tree. Its what I wanted more than anything... they cost $80.00 and up at most garden centers so when I did a search on Google and found one for only 8.95 from Summerstone Nursery I was very both leery & excited but when I saw I could garden my whole yard if I spent $60 I could get 3 free plants.... I was ecstatic... now having lost my job and being ill, $60 was stretching my budget but I could not resist the idea of building a garden along with my dog wood tree so I pushed my limits and ordered 18 plants, I ordered my tree lots of flowering / showy bushes and perennials that were meant to thrive on my nurturing and make my yard beautiful forever...
Never having delt with internet nurseries before I was admittedly quite disappointed when a bunch of sticks with roots (no protection at all...showed up, a number of them had lost the paper tag and I was forced to try to guess what was what.... I even took things to other garden centers trying to find out what was what,....but before I did anything I called the company & did exactly as instructed, I placed them in water immediately for 48 hours..... then I planted each plant that was tagged in the predetermined spot and potted the plants I was not sure of in hopes that they would bloom & let me know what was what....
Bottom line....and sad ending was.... Out of 18 "dormant" plants sent only 5 survived... and the rest of the sticks were mostly dead not dormant....or too week to thrive.
Out of the 5 that survived.... Only 3 were actually what I ordered & my pink dogwood tree I wanted sooooo bad turned out to be what I believe is a dogwood shrub out of place in the center of my yard hiding the best part of my garden....and I do not find it and its little cluster of "white" flowers to be pleasing in anyway and the pink crapmertle I planted in the "perfect" spot in my back yard is... an unknown shrub that gets berries and some tiny white flowers... and I have no idea if its toxic to my dogs or grandchildren.... So out of 18 plants and for $60 I got 2 Althea's that were $ 3.75 each ($ 7.50) & a Pink Spirea $ 3.75 total cost of correct living plants is $11.25.... The first complaint to the company got me a few more dead plants delivered (& I had to wait a year!!!) the excuse was they did not think fall would be advisable for my zone... ) so by then it was a year from my first order... and even though the woman seemed concerned and willing to help... I waited and waited and nothing arrived.... after that I was unable to get any help told to call other numbers....ignored, put on hold and never returned... told it was too late or they had no record of a complaint just given the run around to an extreme...and I did not need the stress...I was sick again in and out of hospital and could no longer garden anyway.

It was clear they relied on another company to do the shipping.... They just take your order and money and then leave it up to an off site place to handle things...
My therapy garden turned into a truly sad place and I am too sick to dig up the ugly wild shrubs....

But as I looked at the ugly shrub where my dogwood was suppose to be I through about the complaint I made to the BBB and decided to check them out again...

I was happy to see we are now asked to call :

The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs at or 615.741.4737.

And I did I hope you all do too!

Here is a link that might be useful: BBB/ allert to this business!

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