Will my Oriental Persimmons survive 5 degrees unprotected?

Chris-7b-GA(7b)January 4, 2014

Getting ready for some record lows here in the deep south. The forecast for Monday night is for a low of 5 degrees.

I planted last year Fuyu, Chocolate, Ichi varieties, they are all around 6 feet and have pretty nice branching. Will they be ok unprotected? If not will covering them with a big tarp work? Thanks, Chris.

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I believe you should not have a problem.My survive at -4* two years in a row.You should be more worried about late freezes in the spring.

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That's good to hear. I have a couple of older Asian persimmons that I'm not too worried about, but also just planted two Fuyu and two Jiro a couple of weeks ago. Supposed to get in the low single digits here with a high of 10 on Monday. Hopefully they'll survive because I'm not sure I can get four free persimmon trees again!

persimmonbob, my two older trees were unlabeled kakis, but I think they may be hachiya. I planted them a couple years ago when they were already about 6 feet tall. The tallest now is probably 13' - 15'. Is it normal for them to grow that big and still not produce fruit or even flower?

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I sure am hoping so, This will be the coldest mine have seen. I agree with Bob about late spring snaps. The have really hurt me in GA.

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Yes my asian are that tall,but they all are fruiting and they are still growing taller.But i got news for them,this coming spring they will be topwork to manageble seizes,it was a hassle to pick them this fall.
If you sionwood just let me know.

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Thanks, persimmonbob. If they don't do anything again this year, I'll have to decide if I want to just replace them with something else, or graft onto them. I guess now is a good time to learn to graft!

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You can keep halve of the tree and bark graft a different variety. I have several growing that way..

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