dormant oil/sulphur versus copper spray on grapes?

vmarcos68(8A)January 29, 2007

I heard a grapevine specialist a while back on radio who recommended spraying either copper or dormant oil/lime sulphur on grapes to prevent some type of early season disease which results in lower fruit production, can't recall specifics, and I dont see dormant oil/lime sulphur in the instructions for whether to use on grapes.

-Was it a lower strength mixture of one of these he was recommending, to be used after buds opened or what do others use?

Here it's lime sulphur/dormant oil spray time of year again, which is said not to prevent against canker on apple trees, ie my transparent yellow. Instead recommmended is copper spray although have heard copper spray can slow down the growth of the plant or its fruit.

-Any thoughts, is this well documented?

-Anyone know the amount of time required between spraying lime sulphur/dormant oil and copper spray on trees?

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Grow grapes of more than 50% vitus labrusca parentage to minimize or eliminate your disease problems.

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I suspect that this vineyard specialist was recommending spraying those grapes as well however.

The vineyard operations here have replaced the north american labruscan variety with vitis viniferas I thought, but according to the book "From Vines to Wines" you are talking about the french european hybrids. In the book's list of varieties by area(im in Vancouver)it mentions the foch veriety. Which I suspect is a hybrid, that is doing well for me in part shade, facing northwest side of veranda.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Either l/s or copper is a good dormant spray for grapes. Copper can have long-term ill effects over many years if it builds up in the soil. It may also have shorter-term effects but I never heard of any myself. I have been using copper but am switching to l/s this year due to the long-term buildup issue.

If you want to spray both l/s and copper I think its OK to not space much them PROVIDED the vines are dormant. But, there should be no reason to do both sprays; if you need the copper for some particular disease just skip the l/s. This year I am just doing l/s on all my fruit trees except the stone fruits which have had a disease needing copper. So, they are getting copper.


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