can goji become invasive?

quinoahJanuary 24, 2008


I heard goji's can become invasive, but I dont know in which way. suckers? fallen fruit? shoots which root on the ground?

are they hard to move from a place?(sprouting from roots?)

thanks for help!

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In a quick search, it looks like it is.

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Let me tell you, the answer to your question is a big "YES" -- I planted one about 4 years ago, and I'm so sorry I did. It sprawls everywhere, roots in any place it touches the ground, and then the sprouts are impossible to get rid of. Every last little tiny piece of root left in the ground sprouts again, rapidly, and the whole thing grows very fast. It's trying to take over a whole flowerbed where I planted it, and it strangles everything in its path.

The berries are nasty-tasting, fresh or dried (I bought a bag at Costco to try -- yucky!). It's just a big weed, in my opinion. It's going to meet Mr. Roundup this spring.

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joereal(Ca z9/SS z14)

Fortunately, they get wiped out in my yard, without me lifting a finger. Too hot during the summer perhaps?

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

i've got a single clump that has been very well-behaved for me. (well, I'd be happier if I got fruit, but its not spread or tried whipping me as I walk by or anything)

I did just move them into full sun (they were in 1/2 or so shade previously) so maybe I'll see a different character henceforth.


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Hi, I would love to take some of those goji plants off your hands. My health has deteriorated tremendously this last year and I'm slowly losing all my eyesight. I have changed my diet and now do all I can to maintain all the strength I have left and that includes juicing lots of fruits and vegetables and eating goji berries(ALSO GOJI POWDER-YUCK!I KNOW) They are so expensive but I have to tell you my doctors have noticed a difference since I change my eating habits. I've posted ads to trade for all kinds of fruit cuttings,if your interested in trading look at my list. Or let me know, I can pay postage. I'm a 35 yr old mom who's broke because I can no longer work or I'd offer to buy them. Thanks so much for your time.

Here is a link that might be useful: my list

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There you go

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here to get your Goji

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

gojitd....soliciting is not allowed on Gardenweb.

Besides I think the poster was looking for a source for the plants, not a juice product.

If my plants survive the moving I did in Jan, I'll offer up cuttings in the spring if you're still interested, dbeautybug.


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Hi there,
We moved into a house that had 2 huge goji berry plants and removed them because they had big spikes on them and we didn't know what they were (insert collective "noooo!!!!!" here). Since then, they've been coming up all over the place, several feet away from where the plants originally were. I also noticed one in my neighbour's planter box, which must have been spread by a bird since it's on a cement patio. I've never tried goji berries, though now that I know what they are I might try transplanting some of the shoots to a pot. The spikes are pretty terrible though, and the dead goji branches are painful to move.

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Hey Cassiet did you have a picture of th goji before removing it? I am interested in buying a few plants but I don't know the growth habit, thus where to put them.. Are they a bush, tree or what? What should i space them?


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What Goji tasted so awful? All the dried ones I tried were sweet and tasty. Sorry to hear about the plants being like weeds. I like them better than raisins.

But there is a caution to any of you on diabetes or some other medications that goji will be harmful so please check it out first.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I like Goji berries too.
They're like a floppy shrub. Brady

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)


Did you ever grow goji? Do you think it would do well in my 5x70 strip of blueberries and other fruiting shrubs spaced 4' centers, almost hedge like? I always seen pictures of huge goji bushes looking wild, i am trying to find out their true growth habit, and how big they get at maturity?.. Any help would be appreciated!


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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Raw Nature,
I'm growing it right now,howbeit mine is just a little one right now.I plan on installing an upright trellis and attaching it to that as it grows.
Remember, we have the pruners and are the masters. Brady

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

Man talk about leggy! Ye I uddrstand we could control anything with pruners.. But like a tip fruiting fruit tree, if you try to control size and prune all the tips, you aren't going to get much fruit.. I assume goji grows similar to other fruiting shrubs... I'll probably rather be safe then sorry an place it where it has plenty of room to grow..


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A local garden center offers goji berry plants and I was tempted to buy some but decided to do some research. First red flag was when I read that they become "massive and unruly" and spread. I found discussions on several forums about the invasive nature of the plant with several people resorting to round-up to eliminate it from their backyards.

In central PA where I live, invasives are a major problem -- mutliflora rose (distributed by the USDA beginning in the 30's as a "living fence"), autumn olive (planted by the PA Game Commission as food and cover for game), purple loosestrife and Japanese barberry (garden escapees). Of course these are the tip of the invasive iceberg. If there is any chance that the goji berry could wind up on the list, I for one am not going to plant it. I may sound like an alarmist but I have seen too many habitats destroyed and native species (both plants and animals) threatened by invasives.

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