Planting larger bare root apple trees

oldryderJanuary 27, 2014

Ordering my trees for 2014. I've found I really like the Honeygold apple and my nursery has some trees that are "too big to ship". It's close enough I can drive there and pick them up.

Supposedly these bigger trees will bear in 1-2 years vs. 3-5 for the typical bare root sapling.

Just wondering if these larger trees (6 - 10') require anything more than a bigger hole and more water.

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plus add a year or two after you plant a tree to let the roots get established (before you grow fruit). IMO this is very important. I tried your way ONCE and I failed, not saying you will, but Ive had better experience with seedlings IMOO. This is on fruit trees, where you want the fruit right now. Bought two apple trees about 5 ft high at 40 bucks a piece with small apples on them. They both got borers and other nasty diseases. one completely died and the other one is hanging on for dear life all scared up from me digging out the borers. I planted a seedling apple tree last year and it is looking superb. One more important thing to remember is that you buy fruits trees suitable to your area. good luck

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alan haigh

If the trees are bearing age they will flower up in the spring. Best to strip off flowers first year (in agreement with TN on this) to plug trees in. If you get vigorous growth this year trees can carry fruit the next.

Larger trees should be coddled more with no extended periods without water. No weed or grass competition where roots are and where they are growing. Mulch a plus.

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