what is happening to my young avocado tree?

evan28January 7, 2014

Hello all, last yeat I planted three avocado pits and all three have been relatively healthy. However lately the healthiest and best looking tree has been having some issues. As you can see it had some bugs (which I was able to get rid of) now the bottom leaves are starting to brown. I only use fish emulsion so it shouldn't be a ferilizer issue. I was thinking salt burn? I am not to sure as none of my other fruit trees are showing this problem. Thanks in advance for your help!

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E...the brown tips can be from water-stress or salt burn. Anyway, that little tree does not look bad for this time of year. Don't fret. I hope you do realize...planting a seed (without grafting another) will most likely yield an inferior tree with inferior fruit. However, this is exactly how new varieties are born. 90% of the time the grafted/desirable variety will "freelance" to something similar but not as good as "mother".

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I would guess salt burn. How deep and how frequently do you water them?

In addition to the comment of not bearing true from seed, be aware that a seedling takes 10-15 years to fruit, and while avocados may be self fertile a compatible cross pollinator (they have a designated A and B grouping with cross pollinators being from the other group) makes a huge difference in yield.

On the other hand the advantage of a seedling is full size and it is a proven winner in your soil and environment by thriving. And that one in the photo looks very nice indeed.

I would also get that trunk painted white.

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Thanks for the information guys. I knew that it would take longer for seedling avocados to fruit but I didn't even expect any of the seedlings to survive! It was more for the fun of it. They have been doing very well though and should be good looking trees down the road.
I figured that it was a salt issue, and to answer your questions is it generally light/moderate waterings ever few days (which I assume builds up salt in the upper levels of the soil) I just didn't want to water it to much. Can the salt burn lead to more issues with the plant? Also, I am not sure what you mean by painting the trunk white? I have never heard of that before. Thanks again!

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Add gypsum to your soil. My avocado was having the same issue when I first planted, I was told to mix in gypsum to the soil. After a couple of months, the browning tip only come up on few leaves.

Nice looking plants. Congrats!

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Here a pic of mine. You can still see some brown tips but its very few.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Fallbrook, California has many Avocado orchards, and there is hardly a house with no Avocado tree. Most of those trees, including the orchards have tons of brown leaves. Maybe it's just a characteristic of the breed?

I have one started from seed, and it's lived through a couple freezing nights outside. It's on a drip system in a 6" pot and it's 3' tall, but this winter, it's going in ground down on the hill still on a drip. The variety is Zutano or something like that. It likes heat and doesn't mind a freeze or two.

Maybe the variety you planted doesn't do well in your climate?


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